brytlyt will disrupt data warehousing and data analytics at scale

Transformational performance

Ad-hoc queries that previously took hours now run in seconds

Based on PostgreSQL

Its simple and easy to transition existing SQL code and skills

Leverage existing data

Data connectors provide direct access to existing data sources and consolidate disparate data stores


The worlds first GPU accelerated database that can scale massively

Business Benefits

Transformational faster analytic queries means…

Greater value from your data assets

Getting more from your data assets

Interrogate much larger volumes of data, with more sophisticated insight but without the knock on effect of slowing down the platform for other users

Empowered users

Instead of taking days and weeks to evaluate an hypothesis, users can explore, validate and refine before lunch and deploy to production in the afternoon!
Give more users and less-technical users greater access to data assets

New business opportunities

Analysing data in close to real-time means previously impossible business opportunities are now possible

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