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Revolutionary serverless analytics, for an unparalleled analytics solution

Brytlyt is a market leader with a global vision. We innovate next-generation data solutions that are powerful and brilliantly accessible, making solving tough analytics problems exceptionally easy. 

Our advanced GPU accelerated platform is built for unrivalled processing power, seamless accessibility, and incredible user experience at scale. Our ground-breaking serverless solution disrupts data analytics as you know it, making advanced GPU capabilities accessible for all, and our on-prem option offers unwavering stability and performance. With AI capabilities and an analytics visualisation workbench available through every Brytlyt solution, you can generate smarter intelligence, in context, and at the speed of thought. 

With Brytlyt, you can find business-critical meaning in massive and evolving datasets. Our end-to-end platform is delivered the way you need it and be rapidly scaled to support your changing resource demands. 

Built on PostgreSQL and patented software, you are empowered to innovatively analyse more data, faster, and in ways never before possible. 


Brytlyt is Serverless

  • Brytlyt 

    A revolutionary serverless analytics experience with unparalleled performance.   

    Unleash GPU accelerated analytics – all from your browser. Gain the power of our full product suite, delivered as a transformative SaaS solution, fully managed and without compromise.


  • Brytlyt On-Prem

    The world’s fastest GPU acceleration with end-to-end data control.

    Manage your largest, most complex, and most sensitive datasets with complete confidence. Brytlyt On-Prem can be easily integrated and scaled with your existing systems, working to your demands.

    Brytlyt On-Prem

  • Speed

    Uncover valuable intelligence in milliseconds.

  • Size

    Process massive amounts of data, without missing the detail.

  • Scale

    Customise and adapt resources as your data grows.

  • Simplicity

    Integrate into existing systems with outstanding ease.


  • BrytlytDBThe fastest and most advanced GPU database in the world.

    Access the value in your data and be empowered to make informed decisions for your business. Based on PostgreSQL, BrytlytDB will boost functionality and accelerate your capabilities.


  • SpotLytComplete GPU powered analytics workbench.

    Generate decision-ready business intelligence to drive strategic business growth. With cross-business benefits, SpotLyt visualises your insights at the speed of thought.


  • BrytMindIntegrated AI modelling and machine learning analytics tool.

    Build AI models to uncover deeper insights within your data relationships. BrytMind enables AI workloads to be run seamlessly against your database from a single interface.



Together we empower transformational analytics to solve complex challenges

  • With Brytlyt, you can find meaning in massive amounts of data, at the speed of thought. Our end-to-end platform delivers decision support and business critical insights.

Latest Insight

  • Brytlyt Enters New Technology Partnership with Digital Energy

    Brytlyt Enters New Technology Partnership with Digital Energy

    By Alex Harper

    London, UK, March 03, 2022 –Today, Brytlyt announces our new technology partnership with award-winning specialised AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions company, Digital Energy.   Digital Energy are focussed on accelerating the operational efficiency of energy intensive organisations...

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