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The Team

Brylyt was founded in 2013 with a clear singular goal: to empower organisations with a revolution in data analytics. Our platform has been proven viable and has begun making waves among big players in the data industry, culminating in us winning several tech and data awards since 2014. Our team is close-nit and focused, with each member bringing a unique perspective and breadth of expertise to the company.

  • Richard Heyns

    Founder and CEO, Originator of IP

    Richard was responsible for the initial and ongoing research in bringing processing database operations to General Processing on Graphics Processor Units. The intellectual property in natively parallelisable algorithms which emerged from this research forms the foundation of Brytlyt's high performance data platform. Richard brings 15 years experience working on large business intelligence, Big Data projects and software development.

  • Jakub Pietrzak

    Research & Development Lead

    Jakub heads the research & development team at Brytlyt. Jakub is the lead Research Engineer at Brytlyt heading our GPU accelerated data base, data science and machine learning algorithms development. Prior to Brytlyt, Jakub has worked as an engineer at Platige Image, Maria Skłodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Centre and Samsung. He is completing his PhD on GPU accelerated machine learning algorithms and has an M.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics. In his free time, Jakub loves to sail.

  • Palvi Gulati Verma

    Director of Marketing

    Palvi is the Director of Marketing at Brytlyt. Prior to Brytlyt, Palvi has lead multiple B2B products though the entire marketing cycle. She has worked at Accenture, ProSight Specialty Insurance, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan in different marketing roles. Palvi has a double bachelors degree in Mass Communication and English Literature. In her free time, she obsesses over world history and travel.