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    Brytlyt GPU database smashes benchmark record again, this time using IBM Minsky Hardware

    In an independent benchmark by industry expert, Brytlyt’s GPU Database outperformed all other vendors by a factor of four or more with its PostgreSQL fork tapping into the super computing power of IBM Minsky Hardware.

    London, UK, December 11, 2017: PRNewswire

    After putting the most recent version of Brytlyt’s GPU Database through its paces using IBM POWER8 hardware, independent benchmarking by industry expert Mark Litwintschik smashed the previous record, also set by Brytlyt only a month ago.

    IBM’s POWER8 S822LC server, code-named “Minsky” was born out of the close collaboration between IBM and NVIDIA and is the most advanced GPU platform on the market today. Running Brytlyt’s revolutionary GPU database on IBM’s cutting-edge hardware resulted in run times almost twice as fast as Brytlyt’s previous record. Full details of all benchmarks can be found on Mark’s website at

    Mark Litwintschik, who regularly runs a 1.1 billion row benchmark on GPU databases found that Brytlyt was four times faster than the vendor in second place.

    “With this updated version of Brytlyt, we are looking at query speeds for a 1.1 billion row dataset that can run 208 times in a single second. The performance is astonishing when considering only a couple years ago having a result in minutes seemed like an achievement.”, said Mark Litwintschik, “Since Brytlyt is a fork of PostgreSQL, it is also extremely advanced and feature-rich. Add in the fact that Brytlyt now uses docker to keep the installation steps to a minimum, it is also really easy for companies to test it out.” The details of the Brytlyt benchmarking can be found on Mark’s website here.

    “We are delighted with how well Brytlyt’s GPU database performed on IBM POWER8 hardware. For a long time, I’ve had a soft spot for RISC architectures over CISC architectures and having our software breaking records today using RISC machines is very satisfying,” said Richard Heyns, CEO of Brytlyt. “But really congratulations must go to our pre-eminent engineering team. They are the true innovators, who are leading the way in the GPU accelerated database space.”

    Brytlyt’s GPU accelerated database, with its patent-pending IP, features:

    • Astonishing Performance: Brytlyt’s GPU database and analytics platform are transforming the way businesses use data. Multi-billion row datasets can now be queried in milliseconds.
    • Easy integration with existing systems: There’s no need for businesses to lose their current investments in code, analytics, and visualization. Instead, they can accelerate them with Brytlyt with little to no effort.
    • Smooth scalability: Businesses can add and remove GPU resources at will, scaling their processing capability to suit their needs, ensuring they can massively reduce their data processing costs.
    • Functionality-rich & easy to use: Brytlyt is built on PostgreSQL, and its deep functionality is complemented by outstanding ease of use.

    SpotLyt is Brytlyt’s visualization tool and sits on top of the database, providing real-time interactive analytics for billion row datasets. Brytlyt is an out-the-box solution for any company looking to get immediate performance gains from their data.

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