• Cloud GPUs Unlock Advanced Machine Learning for Enterprise

    Cloud GPUs Unlock Advanced Machine Learning for Enterprise

    By Richard Heyns

    The largest technology providers – including AWS, Google and IBM – are all embracing consumption-based GPU services, giving users access to what is usually an expensive and unwarranted hardware investment. Instead of paying for a...

  • OLAP Vs ROLAP and the Role of GPU Databases

    OLAP Vs ROLAP and the Role of GPU Databases

    By Richard Heyns

    What is OLAP? Online Analytics Processing (OLAP) or Multidimensional Analytics Processing (MOLAP) was originally introduced as a revolutionary way to speed up multidimensional analysis and enable businesses to query huge volumes of data. It achieves...

  • How Tableau changes data visualisation for the better

    By Brytlyt

    There is now more of a demand for data visualisation tools than ever before, not just from highly technical analysts, but from politicians, salespersons, small businesses, and anyone in-between. Therefore, it’s important to select the correct...

  • Why data visualisation is essential for businesses

    By Brytlyt

    As technology becomes more readily available than ever before, so too does the amount of data being processed and collected increase. It’s continual. Each day there are over five billion web searches, 65 billion WhatsApp messages, and 294 billion emails.   And this trend is...

  • How Tableau is Helping the Fight Against COVID-19

    By Brytlyt

    To aid in the continuing fight against the international Covid-19 pandemic, Tableau has been using its advanced data visualisation software to provide key insights globally. From providing free webinars and live training to help the visualisation of infection rate data to combat COVID-19, to creating a collaborative and crowdsourced...

  • Essential Tips to Transform Your Data Visualisation

    By Brytlyt

    It’s no secret that data visualisation is essential today. We depend on data visuals to gain insight and uncover business opportunities from incredibly vast amounts of datasets, which in turn affect the way we shape our strategies and viewpoints.   That’s why it’s more...