A year of impressive GPU acceleration and development

18th December 2020 by Richard Heyns

There’s no doubt 2020 has been an unusual year for businesses worldwide. There have been significant setbacks and disruptions to commercial activity as business owners, employees, and families alike have had to deal with the, often devastating, impacts of Covid-19.

Despite these challenges, many people have taken this time to review and evolve their business models. For many organisations, this year of unpredictability has revealed just how relevant data analytics insight really is for building sustainable strategies and the importance of exploiting this readily available asset.

At Brytlyt, we have seen a significant rise in companies looking to harness data analytics first-hand. There has been a surge of demand and technological development in the analytics industry, showcasing the rising necessity for advanced solutions like GPU acceleration.

We are looking forward to seeing what outcomes 2021 holds. The New Year is promising to be bigger and better for data technologies with exciting possibilities for business intelligence.

The two big trends in GPU analytics this year

There have been significant movements towards consumption-based revenue models in the cloud. This was definitively reflected by Snowflakes’s IPO, which was a beacon for how successful hosting data services and analytics in the cloud can be. Brytlyt continue to develop our own integrated cloud solution which will make an exciting appearance in 2021.

The release of the NVIDIA 80GB GPU similarly represents an important step in the journey of using GPUs for data and analytics. This trend began in 2012 with the release of the K10, which was specifically designed for enterprise applications. This latest development continues the exciting trajectory for GPU development. Brytlyt’s software is aligned to take full advantage of this new GPU and its massive expansion in memory.

A round-up of Brytlyt’s 2020 activity

In 2020 we have doubled down on our technological development, experienced a significant expansion of our capabilities and made strides to push the boundaries of what’s possible with GPU acceleration. Here’s a reminder of all our activity this year so far:

Impressive Technological Development

The release of Brytlyt 4.0 in 2020 introduced 4x faster speeds, migration to PostgreSQL 12, and enhancements to string support, percentile functions, back-end mapping and more.

  • SpotLyt Improvements

SpotLyt has been under significant development throughout this year to create an even more seamless and powerful experience for our users, including updates to data loading and data transfer automation.

We have more exciting announcements for SpotLyt in 2021.

BrytlytDB’s data loading performance was improved by 10x, adding greater computational intelligence to the GUI functionality, streamlining upload speeds, and improving data alignment between our products.

We are currently working closely with NVIDIA to run STAC Benchmarks on the A100. This technology will empower Brytlyt users to greatly improve R&D, innovation, and complex and vast data analysis, as a result of superior database performance.

Exceeding Commercial Goals

We raised $4 million in Series A funding from global technology investors Amadeus Capital Partners and Finch Capital in early 2020, fuelling our expansion.

  • New Brand and Website

We announced our rebrand in October. Our modernised look aligns with our position as market leaders in GPU accelerated data analytics, as well as our exponential growth.

John McAdam, former CEO of F5 Networks, joined Brytlyt as Chairman of the Board as part of our ambitious plans for growth and global impact. John adds significant experience in data software, analytics, and business development to the team.

Industry Engagement

Members of our team spoke at the Virtual Global STAC Live event, engaging with key themes about real-time visualisation and the importance of GPU acceleration to enable the next phase of analytics development.

  • CDAO Fall 2020 Event

Richard Heyns spoke on a panel at the CDAO Fall 2020 event, discussing the role of GPUs in AI, machine learning, and cutting-edge technology.

  • Market Growth

We have had a successful year, taking steps towards US expansion, engaging with partners in new markets and contributing to the increasing adoption of GPU acceleration worldwide.

What Does the Future Hold

We expect to see even greater developments built off the incredible achievements reached in 2020.

Here’s what you can expect from us in the New Year:

We will continue to grow our team and ambitions through 2021. In particular, we have accelerated our plans to expand into the US and will be revealing business development activities in this space soon.

Our users can expect many more enhancements to our platform alongside new releases that will deliver even greater capabilities. The new version of SpotLyt, our GPU-powered analytics visualisation workbench, is due for release in Q2 2021, with a focus on improving user experience. We are also developing our own cloud solution which will be based on an efficient pay-as-you consume model, unlocking the ability for organisations to perform high-intensity workloads such as machine learning training.

BrytlytDB will be migrated to PostgreSQL 14, as part of our commitment to remain concurrent with the latest release, giving users access to all the benefits of PostgreSQL.

We will be introducing a number of other bigger and bolder capabilities – including in-memory functionality which allows users to combine tables from CPU, GPU and disc, for more integrated and diverse insights.

This is just a taste of what we’ll be doing in the next 12 months, so stay tuned for more from Brytlyt.