Accelerated Analytics software powering data infrastructure

5th July 2021 by Brytlyt

Data analytics is the dominant force that drives decision making throughout business operations, economic policy, and other sectors such as government. Because of this, having quality data that is accessible and collaborative is crucial for making better decisions. 

Data infrastructure is the term that covers the process of organising, storing, maintaining, and distributing data. By implementing optimised data infrastructure, organisations have the ability to be more agile, despite the roadblocks and challenges that may occur. Arguably, nothing has been more demonstrable of this than the recent pandemic, where businesses that already possessed a good data infrastructure were at a clear advantage.

Increasingly sophisticated technologies are being developed to power data infrastructure, using the right tools and systems.

As the understanding and importance of good data infrastructure has grown over the past decade, we’re now beginning to see more value in systems built around the analysis of data, with companies using new systems to make better use of the data they hold. 

New capabilities in Accelerated Analytics are continuously emerging that necessitates the creation of infrastructure and toolsets that are capable of managing new data and information requirements. In addition to this, data governance platforms are also gaining visibility, offering tools that manage the integrity, consistency and availability of data.

Building A Better Data Infrastructure

If your company is seeking to optimise their access to vital data, then the importance of data democratisation cannot be underestimated. 

Good data infrastructure breeds good data democratisation.

To ensure a correct approach, we recommend:

  • What Are The Primary Goals?: If you have a clear idea about what you want from your data, set that as a goal/reference point. Then, you understand if the efforts you’re working towards are ultimately going to help your business achieve it.
  • Implement a Data Warehouse:  A Data Warehouse provides a single location to store your business’s overarching data, eliminating bias and ensuring appropriate communications in the process.
  • Data Hygiene: Good data in, good data out. Collecting clean & correct data is the cornerstone for a professional data infrastructure.
  • Greater Data Security: Companies must ensure that any sensitive data that is collected is safe & secure, as greater accessibility inherently means more consideration for data security scenarios.

Why use Brytlyt GPU-Accelerated Analytics?

Our unique GPU patent-pending IP technology has been developed to be at the very forefront of the transformational analytics revolution. Our next-generation platform with ‘speed of thought’ analytics is built for ambitious businesses who wish to harness their rapidly growing datasets.

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