Anticipated Trends In Business Intelligence Tools

19th March 2021 by Brytlyt

Over the past few years, BI (Business Intelligence) has been rapidly gaining momentum in becoming one of the most important factors for business growth; shifting many businesses to focus on data-led decision making.

Various Business Intelligence and analytics tools are already being used across a variety of industries, including telecoms, pharmaceuticals, defence, logistics, insurance, financial services and far beyond.

Augmented Analytics

In the next year we can expect to see BI and AI working together to create augmented analytics and augmented data. With this in mind, expect to see users with less technical backgrounds gaining analytic literacy in 2021.

Automated Insights

Also known as ‘storytelling’, Automated insights illustrates key findings in a more autonomous way, relieving the need for busy work for presentations.

Self-service BI

Self-service BI gives end users the ability to generate more dynamic reports that give actionable insights with AI enhancements, including automated search engine reporting, augmented data preparation and more.

Cloud-based & Mobile BI

The demand for cloud-based and mobile BI is expected to surge, as partial and full-time remote working continues to be the new normal for a significant number of companies, even post-pandemic. 

Broadly speaking, the demand for cloud and AI-enabled Business Intelligence tools are expected to continue to grow for the foreseeable future, as working from home will continue to be in place, even as the pandemic begins to subside. Regardless of the working environment, the benefits of Business Intelligence that helps businesses to stay ahead of the competition, predict market movements, and streamline services, will be hard to ignore and stakeholders should certainly consider stepping up their focus on digital and market intelligence strategies.

Our Analytics Workbench

By understanding the importance of data-driven businesses, we help our clients find meaning in their data with rapidly accelerated analytics.

Our analytics visualisation workbench means our clients can generate smarter intelligence, at incredible speed.  This information can be processed in many ways; reports and summaries are good – but interactive dashboards that give users the power to make decisions in real-time, deliver the agility required to be way ahead of the competition.

A Truly Smart Integration

Instead of overhauling existing systems, our platform can be easily integrated into most business environments. Brytlyt is the future-proofed approach to data processing and analytics.

Why use Brytlyt GPU-Accelerated Analytics?

  • Brytlyt helps you interactively query, visualise, and power data science workflows over billions of records with a wide range of accelerated analytics solutions.
  • Our end-to-end platform delivers decision support and business-critical insights.
  • Built on PostgreSQL, we empower users to analyse more data, faster and with ease.

At Brytlyt, our Business Intelligence tools are at the forefront of transformational analytics

Our unique GPU patent-pending IP technology has been developed to be at the very forefront of the transformational analytics revolution with data visualisation. Our next-generation platform with speed of thought analytics is built for ambitious businesses who want to harness their rapidly growing datasets of today and for tomorrow.

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