Brytlyt 4.0 now 4x faster with strong PostgreSQL integration

27th October 2020 by Brytlyt

Brytlyt have announced the release of Brytlyt version 4.0, ensuring the technology remains the fastest GPU database with significant capability enhancements, faster speeds, and increased compatibility with PostgreSQL native tools.

Since the release of Brytlyt 3.0 in March 2019, Brytlyt has been developing their next level of standards and capabilities. Brytlyt 4.0 has been in production with customers since April 2020 and is officially live as the latest version of the GPU solution. The new generation of Brytlyt’s GPU database technology is now being used by over 30 mobile operators globally, including some of the biggest names in Telecoms from Europe, U.S, and Asia-Pacific. 

Brytlyt 3.0 saw the release of a 4th generation GPU manager which enabled the platform greater ability to scale across machines and increased intelligence within the GPU manager. After just one year, Brytlyt’s latest update centres around the successful migration of BrytlytDB, the advanced database solution, to PostgreSQL 12 plus significant performance enhancements to key capabilities such as string support, compute intense and iterative tasks including percentile functions, and back-end mapping.

“It’s our strategy to always remain concurrent with the latest versions of PostgreSQL and we are already making plans to move to PostgreSQL 14 when it becomes available in 2021,” Richard Heyns, founder of Brytlyt, explains. “This gives our platform much greater compatibility with PostgreSQL-native tools and ensures our customers can exploit new PostgreSQL functionalities.”


BrytlytDB is an advanced GPU database with AI capabilities that can process billions of rows of data at the speed of thought. Built on PostgreSQL, it can seamlessly integrate with other analytics or visualisation tools that support PostgreSQL. 

As a complex transition, most organisations don’t remain aligned with PostgreSQL updates and subsequently lose out on the latest improvements and capabilities. However, demonstrating market-leading tech expertise and commitment to customer experience, Brytlyt have impressively leapt from PostgreSQL 4 to 12, giving them the foundation to seamlessly deploy every future iteration.

This shift to version 12 demonstrates an even tighter integration with PostgreSQL which comes with greater GPU Manager performance and allows users to adopt and accelerate the new PostgreSQL capabilities through Brytlyt.

Suite of Enhanced Features

Brytlyt 4.0 is  significantly faster, operating between two and four times the speed of its previous iteration, and alongside stability improvements it includes a suite of great enhancements to Brytlyt capabilities: 

String support

Brytlyt 4.0 showcases improved performance for string support, including superior disaster recovery.  Faster, more efficient, and utilising fewer resources, concurrent users can use it without impacting responsiveness or running out of memory.

Percentile function

Brytlyt 4.0 performs percentile functions faster than any other GPU database on the market, and 1,000 times faster than established databases. Despite being an extremely important function for analytics, enabling analysts to compute the median, particularly when dealing with vast datasets, many other GPU database providers haven’t deployed this capability and can’t process percentile calculations. 

Back-end mapping 

Brytlyt 4.0’s back-end mapping has been developed and now provides improved support for geospatial workloads. Advancements in BrytlytDB also directly feed into the mapping capability for SpotLyt, Brytlyt’s analytics visualisation workbench that seamlessly integrates with BrytlytDB. 

BrytlytDB has made significant progress since Brytlyt 3.0 released in 2019, with performance heightened across the board. Existing Brytlyt users, and users of compatible PostgreSQL tools, are empowered with a more interactive, responsive and sophisticated experience. Anyone looking to migrate from a PostgreSQL database can do so easily using Brytlyt – without losing existing functionality.

Richard Heyns states; “PostgreSQL is one of the most widely used database systems for analytics and visualisation tools in every industry. We built BrytlytDB on this system so that any SQL user can benefit from their latest PostgreSQL capabilities being accelerated by GPU technology.” 

In the past year, Brytlyt have made forward strides in many areas; integrating their GPU database with other PostgreSQL-native tools, such as TIBCO Spotfire, AWS Redshift, and Tableau, to accelerate processing and enrich data analytics possibilities. This rapidly expanding company is not only making technological progress but creating new partnerships – strengthening their global position as the fastest GPU database in the market.

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