Brytlyt Enters New Technology Partnership with Digital Energy

3rd March 2022 by Alex Harper

London, UK, March 03, 2022 –Today, Brytlyt announces our new technology partnership with award-winning specialised AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions company, Digital Energy.  

Digital Energy are focussed on accelerating the operational efficiency of energy intensive organisations across the globe. Their environomics-centred approach focuses on mitigating resources required while lifting operational output safely and efficiently. Brytlyt’s ability to accelerate in-database AI and time-to-insight opens a new chapter for Digital Energy and its clients. 

“Combined with Brytlyt’s accelerated technology, Digital Energy’s AI powered solutions will be able to solve problems and inefficiencies across multiple industries like never before,” said Richard Heyns, CEO of Brytlyt.  

“The way the energy industry operates right now is not cost effective. This partnership aims to tackle that hurdle. Digital Energy’s AI solution alone can cut asset utilisation by 30%. With Brytlyt, we can take this even further.”  

This powerful partnership will enable Digital Energy’s advanced AI solutions to run and produce remarkable operational insights in milliseconds. Our goal as technology partners is to see to it that users will be able to track, trace and optimise their performance across a wide range of areas at the speed of thought. 

The combination of Brytlyt’s robust technology and Digital Energy’s AI solutions expertise will form one fully integrated, lightning-quick platform that will transform everything from productivity optimisation to inventory management, and even predictive safety practices.  

Morgan Eldred, Founder of Digital Energy says “With this partnership, we want to shake up how energy intensive companies are currently operating. With this combined technology approach, we are going to provide them with world-class, industrial AI solutions at scale. This is a big move towards industry 5.0.” 

We can’t wait to see what opportunities this partnership will present. To stay in the loop, you can visit our website or follow us on LinkedIn. 

About Brytlyt  

Brytlyt was founded in 2013. We are the world’s first serverless, GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) accelerated analytics and data science platform. We innovate next-generation data solutions that are powerful and brilliantly accessible. Our advanced GPU accelerated platform is built with patented software that reduces your time to gain insight on data from hours to minutes and minutes to milliseconds. Brytlyt software is backed by unrivalled processing power, seamless accessibility, and an incredible user experience.  

About Digital Energy 

Digital Energy unites economic strategy with sustainability practices, all through Artificial Intelligence. Its revolutionary environomics approach enables energy intensive organizations to easily track, trace and then optimise resources through actionable AI driven advise. Its multidisciplinary team comes from deep backgrounds in energy, supply-chain, digital, academia and research. Their cutting-edge AI driven solutions are developed with a building block approach to connect people, teams, organizations, workflows, data, AI models and technology. You can find out more here, on Digital Energy’s website or LinkedIn.