Brytlyt is now available on Amazon EC2 for real-time insights on billions row datasets

20th November 2017 by Brytlyt

Brytlyt’s GPU accelerated database is based on PostgreSQL making it easy to integrate with current investments and visualization tools for artificial intelligence, business intelligence, Fast OLAP, and location-based analytics

Brytlyt which was recently catapulted to World’s Fastest GPU database by an independent benchmarking is now available on Amazon AWS using EC2 P2 instances. Amazon EC2 P2 Instances are a GPU instance type designed for compute-intensive applications.

Companies can now trial and deploy Brytlyt database as a turn-key analytics database with no upfront capital investments.

“Since Brytlyt’s GPU database runs on PostgreSQL, it makes it easy to integrate with existing systems, easy to use and easy to scale quickly based on a company’s requirements,” said Richard Heyns CEO of Brytlyt. “Any company looking to test performance gains that a GPU database offers can now use Brytlyt’s GPU accelerate database to ingest, explore and visualize streaming data on-premise or in the cloud. They can try a GPU database by just choosing the Brytlyt AMI and the software will be available without any need to download, configure or install drivers. Brytlyt is available for both trial and commercial licensing purposes.”

Brytlyt’s GPU accelerated database with its patent-pending IP features:

 – Astonishing performance: Brytlyt’s GPU database and analytics platform, with patent-pending IP, is transforming the way businesses use data. Multi-billion row datasets can now be queried in milliseconds, at massively reduced cost.

Easy integration with existing systems: There’s no need to lose your current investments in code, analytics, and visualization. Instead, accelerate them with Brytlyt with little to no effort.

Smooth scalability: Add and remove GPU resources at will, scaling your processing capability to suit your needs, ensuring you can massively reduce your data processing costs.

Functionally-rich & easy to use: Brytlyt is built on PostgreSQL, and its deep functionality is complemented by outstanding ease of use.

Additionally, Brytlyt now also offers a visualization tool of its own, SpotLyt, which is a real-time interactive visualization tool for billion row datasets.

The documentation for setting up Brytlyt is available on the website at