Brytlyt release version 3.0 of the world’s fastest GPU database

5th March 2019 by Brytlyt

Brytlyt 3.0 stays ahead of the game with a stunning visualization product, improved GPU Manager and a seamless switch between database and AI operations.

Brytlyt, the fastest and most advanced GPU database in the world, has been massively upgraded in version 3.0 and includes enhancements to core products; Brytlyt (based on PostgreSQL) and SpotLyt, the analytics workbench.

We are excited to introduce a new 4th generation GPU Manager enabling significant performance improvements and a greater ability to scale across multiple machines and GPUs, allowing far increased intelligence within the GPU Manager.

SpotLyt is a GPU-accelerated visualization and collaboration workbench that can be used as a stand-alone solution or as an add-on to a company’s current visualization technology. SpotLyt allows data scientists and analysts to collaborate and interactively analyze billion row data sets in real-time, helping them discover correlations and anomalies in ways previously thought impossible. Using Brytlyt’s advanced GPU-accelerated rendering engine, SpotLyt can render billions of data points onto a map in milliseconds.

SpotLyt sees fantastic improvements to include beautiful real-time mapping and a full SQL editor.  Richard Heyns, our Brytlyt founder and CEO, comments ‘’Our increased functionality within our SQL editor really is a step change in what is possible in managing data assets”.

Version 3.0 includes BrytMind, with support for running AI workloads directly against the database. Typically in AI workloads, data has to be extracted from the database first and then uploaded to the AI system. Using Brytlyt, everything remains in the same place with a seamless switch between database and AI operations. We are the first vendor to combine a database and AI in this way.

Brytlyt spent the autumn of 2018 carrying out housekeeping; adding new data types (numeric and timestamp) and carrying out bug fixing which has greatly improved the user experience.

Brytlyt 3.0 is now available with hardware rental by the hour on Amazon Web Services(AWS) as an AMI. Everything is installed and ready to use. With everything up and running users can access the database directly, run all commands and load data; offering a far superior and more streamlined approach.

We are delighted with the huge improvements to the user experience ensuring our offering is more interactive, responsive and immersive than previously.

We set ourselves apart from our competitors by having integration with PostgreSQL, allowing users to build analytics solutions, connect to external data sources and use external third-party visualization tools.

Watch this space because Version 3.1 is scheduled for release in May, which will see improvements to the performance for networking for distributed computing & improvements for concurrent workloads. Brytlyt will also be releasing the cloud version of SpotLyt in the coming weeks.

About Brytlyt

Founded in 2013, Brytlyt’s GPU database acceleration technology, with its patent-pending IP, features:

  • Astonishing Performance: Brytlyt’s GPU-accelerated database technology is transforming the way businesses use data. With Brytlyt, companies can query multi-billion row datasets in milliseconds.
  • Easy integration with existing systems: There’s no need for businesses to give up their current investments in code, analytics, and visualization. Instead, they can accelerate them with Brytlyt with little to no effort.
  • Smooth scalability: Businesses can add and remove GPU resources at will, scaling their processing capability to suit their needs, ensuring they can massively reduce data processing costs.
  • Functionality-rich and easy to use: Brytlyt is built on PostgreSQL, and its deep functionality is complimented by outstanding ease of use.

Brytlyt is an out-the-box solution for any company looking to get immediate performance gains and actionable insight from their data.