Brytlyt partners with IBM to deliver next-generation database & analytics platform to enterprise clients

18th December 2017 by Brytlyt

Brytlyt’s market-leading GPU database running on IBM POWER hardware sets new performance record for running billion row queries

London, UK, December 18, 2017: Releasewire: 

Brytlyt, the fastest GPU-powered database platform in the market, according to independent benchmarking, announced it has partnered with IBM Power Systems. The collaboration reflects both companies’ commitment to developing market-leading innovation and technology to power the ever-growing demands and needs of enterprise customers to get data-driven insight and analytics.

Highlighting the performance synergy between the two companies, Brytlyt’s GPU database was benchmarked by industry expert Mark Litwintschik using IBM POWER8 hardware, smashing Brytlyt’s own previously held record of the World’s Fastest GPU database and was over four times faster than other vendors in the market.  Full details of all benchmarks can be found on Mark’s website at

For enterprise customers where data analysis is of utmost importance, this means they can now get an added performance boost by leveraging IBM POWER hardware when running Brytlyt’s GPU database for even greater data processing performance gains. For the retail industry, this is beneficial by having the ability to continuously adapt, adjust, and capitalize on insights discovered in their retail analytics. And in telecommunications, wireless carriers now have a powerful tool for resolving the challenge of polling and analyzing enormous amounts of data from the smartphones in their network. Assessing a variety of metrics like forensics on dropped calls, sensor data, log files, customer churn, device stats, and data center performance, all in an effort to enhance the customer experience and make their customers’ lives better and more productive.

“Brytlyt is addressing a big market need by accelerating the widely used PostgreSQL open-source database with IBM’s Power Systems Servers to fuel innovation for data-intensive workloads,” said Sumit Gupta, Vice President of HPC, AI & Machine Learning for IBM Cognitive Systems. “By taking advantage of Power’s exclusive high-speed connection between IBM Power processors and NVIDIA GPU accelerators, clients can speed data analytics and gain insights much faster than before.”

Richard Heyns, Brytlyt CEO, said “IBM Power Systems is a very powerful GPU hardware platform. But this partnership is about more than hardware. There is a great company fit between Brytlyt and IBM that we are really excited about. The commitment to innovation that IBM and Brytlyt have is at the core of our endeavor and will help drive success for enterprise customers for a long time to come.”

 Brytlyt’s GPU accelerated database, with its patent-pending IP, features:

  • Astonishing performance: Brytlyt’s GPU database and analytics platform is transforming the way businesses use data. Multi-billion row datasets can now be queried in milliseconds.
  • Easy integration with existing systems: There’s no need for businesses to lose their current investments in code, analytics, and visualization. Instead, they can accelerate them with Brytlyt with little to no effort.
  • Smooth scalability: Businesses can add and remove GPU resources at will, scaling their processing capability to suit their needs, ensuring they can massively reduce their data processing costs.
  • Functionality-rich & easy to use: Brytlyt is built on PostgreSQL, and its deep functionality is complemented by outstanding ease of use.
  • Additionally, Brytlyt now offers its own visualization tool, SpotLyt, that sits on top of the database, providing real-time interactive analytics for billion row datasets. Brytlyt is an out-the-box solution for any company looking to get immediate performance gains from their data.

IBM’s accelerated computing servers are the result of close collaboration between IBM and industry leaders like NVIDIA, and offers a breakthrough for accelerated High-Performance Computing (HPC). The servers use NVIDIA NVLink for better-integrated CPUs and GPUs, enabling up to 5.6x better memory bandwidth when compared to PCIe.

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