Brytlyt’s fast data loading for advanced analytics performance

2nd November 2020 by Brytlyt

High performance data loading is the foundation for faster and more efficient data analytics or visualisations. This is the first step that must be mastered in order to guarantee the best user experience throughout any accelerated data analytics journey.

That’s why Brytlyt’s latest updates for data loading have been focused on providing significant and tangible impacts for the data analyst’s everyday processes. Our GPU accelerated database drastically improves the speed, simplicity, and intuitiveness of this process for users while reducing costs and common complications.

Why is data loading so important?

Data loading must be performed by every analytics solution. It’s the crucial process of uploading all datasets that have been collected or sourced by your business, into a platform that can help transform them into insights.

Data loading is a critical repeating process, occurring every time you want to analyse new data or change the dataset you’re working with. In other words – it’s happening all the time. This makes it a fundamental element for establishing user experience and performance in any data analytics tool.

Transfer Accuracy

Loading data from a database into an analytics platform accurately is a common pain point for many analytics users. Too often, inaccuracies arise in the data – such as tables not matching – causing the upload to fail. This forces users to essentially start from scratch and fix their data: a frustrating, time-consuming process.


As the first process you undertake, data loading has to be fast. Not only does it facilitate a more positive experience overall, but the faster you upload your data the quicker you can find and fix any errors found. However, achieving fast data loading can be a challenge; especially when working with massive datasets.

How Brytlyt empowers high performance, accelerated data loading

More Intelligent GUI Functionality

Our sophisticated, GPU-powered GUI ensures your data is transferred seamlessly and accurately. It creates your tables with the right data in the correct structure, guaranteeing your resources are ready and easy to use immediately.

We have also added greater computational intelligence and enhanced our user wizards to facilitate even smoother data loading. These functions perform pre-analysis on the data so that the tables created are perfectly formatted to receive your data.

Accelerated Upload Speeds 

Brytlyt’s data loading is now over twelve times faster due to the latest updates. Brytlyt’s independent GPU manager has been further enhanced to allow data to be loaded directly onto the GPUs using a bulk loader, without going through PostgreSQL. Once on the GPU, data can then be loaded directly off-disc to perform analysis and visualisation in seconds.

This means anyone using Brytlyt, either stand alone or with other tools, benefits from faster and cheaper data loading performed in parallel. Combined with more efficient data transfer abilities, users’ time-to-analysis is significantly decreased, helping them do more with their data.

Increased Data Alignment

Our latest updates to BrytlytDB 4.0 and SpotLyt, our database and visualisation platforms, make these products more deeply integrated with each other and PostgreSQL. Advanced analytics functionality, such as real-time visualisation, is now more accessible than ever.

The products benefit from improved ease of use and now further align with your data to increase performance capabilities. Here are some key updates to how Brytlyt interacts with data:

  • Brytlyt can transfer raw data into your analytics solutions

  • Brytlyt data loading is compatible with a large amount of data types and formats, including CSV and Parquet

  • As Brytlyt is based on PostgreSQL it can use Foreign Data Wrappers, allowing users to easily connect directly to remote databases and datasets

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What benefits users can expect

GPU technology accelerates every instance of data loading and reloading that a user will perform. After the initial upload, this process takes seconds to complete – even when using raw data – so users can restore GPUs extremely quickly on a restart.

Overall, Brytlyt’s data loading mechanism helps users experience the most seamless process possible. Our technology makes working with vast amounts of data in multiple places or formats easier, faster and more cost-efficient. With a straightforward implementation process, you can boost your data analytics experience within hours.

As such an integral element of the analytics process, we are committed to continue developing and accelerating data loading capabilities to empower a more seamless experience for data visualisation and analytics teams.

Transform how you work with data today using Brytlyt. Get in touch to find out more.