Why Cloud Powered Data Analytics Is The Key To Avoiding Stock Shortages

13th April 2021 by Alex Harper

Practically every company worldwide was caught out by the Pandemic, as an event like this is incredibly difficult to forecast for. Global supply chains that are superconnected all scrambled to mitigate the effects of the virus, however the companies with the best systems for procurement contingencies were able to move with agility, whilst navigating the new normal.

The motto of ‘Be Prepared’ seems particularly applicable, however it’s always more difficult when you’re not entirely sure what to be prepared for. However, having the very best systems in place for dealing with a curveball will always give you an advantage.

Cloud-Powered Data Analytics have the ability to give a much more timely understanding of issues before they arrive. To know where you are right now, can often be a good predictor of where you’re likely to be. For example, if sales data indicates a surge in pre-orders for a product, businesses can respond accordingly and negotiate specifics with their supply chain to make sure they can cope with demand, or look elsewhere.

Businesses need to heed the lessons that are coming out of the pandemic and ensure they are putting the right processes in place to build a resilient supply chain to counteract future disruptions. Investing in technology, particularly cloud, software and data analytics, and ensuring they have the talent to match will enable companies to survive and thrive through challenging times.

Over the next few years, we’re likely to see increased investment in automation, which will allow businesses worldwide to bring their production capabilities back onshore, thus reducing reliance on a single supplier.

How to better anticipate demand

Cloud based data analytics is one of the most important tools for the road ahead. More data touch points are creating more data than ever before – and the more you do with this, the further you’ll get ahead of your competition. To do this most effectively, companies must start making their products and systems intelligent, so they produce the insightful data that’s required. 

A Truly Smart Integration

Instead of overhauling existing systems, our platform can be easily integrated into most business environments. Brytlyt is the future-proofed approach to data processing and analytics.

Why use Brytlyt GPU-Accelerated Analytics?

  • Brytlyt helps you interactively query, data visualise, and power data science.
  • Analytics over billions of records with a wide range of accelerated BI solutions.
  • Our end-to-end platform delivers decision support and business-critical insights.
  • Built on PostgreSQL, we empower users to analyse more data, faster, and with ease.

We’re at the forefront of transformational analytics

Our unique GPU patent-pending IP technology has been developed to be at the very forefront of the transformational analytics revolution. Our next-generation platform with speed of thought analytics is built for ambitious businesses who want to harness the potential from their rapidly growing datasets of today and for tomorrow.

To learn more about how GPU acceleration can help give your team the competitive advantage, as well as learning more about the importance of data visualisation, read more here, or contact Brytlyt, market leaders in GPU accelerated analytics, for any queries you may have.