The Growing High Demand For Data Analytics

5th March 2021 by Brytlyt

The business case for data-driven decision making has never been more compelling. Nowadays, it’s practically impossible to find an enterprise that isn’t influenced by data analytics in some sort of way. So much so, that it’s now a cornerstone of certain industries, such as insurance and finance.

As well as the growing demand for the human element of expertise in the data analytics field, there’s also significant growth around the tech that powers it, and augments the experience. Brytlyt empowers businesses to see trends, patterns, areas of growth and also areas that need attention. The better your business knows where it is now, the better it can forecast for where it needs to be.

What & Who Uses Brytlyt’s Data Analytics Tools?

Our systems are used in a variety of big data applications at the very cutting edge of the transformational analytics revolution, including Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Advanced Data Science Analytics.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) analytics also plays a role in delivering Predictive Analytics. By using a variety of statistical techniques that analyses both historical and live data, this allows systems to make predictions about future events and behaviours. 

This advanced level of Business Intelligence and analytics is used across a variety of industries, including telecoms, pharmaceuticals, defence, logistics, insurance, financial services and even further afield.

Brytlyt for your business

Well run organisations have always been able to process and understand their data to some extent, however historically, this has always been more retrospective. Brylyt gives users the power to make decisions in real-time, delivering the agility required to be ahead of the curve and the competition.

Our GPU-accelerated systems take entire datasets in, enabling users to instantly interactively visualise, query and power data workflows over billions of lines of data.

Our analytics visualisation workbench means our clients can generate smarter intelligence, at incredible speed. By understanding the importance of data-driven businesses, we help our clients find meaning in their data with rapidly accelerated analytics software.

Why use Brytlyt’s GPU-Accelerated Analytics?

Built with the future in mind

Our accelerated insight platform has been developed to be at the very forefront of the transformational analytics revolution. Our next generation platform is built for ambitious businesses who want to get the most from their rapidly growing datasets for both today, and for tomorrow.

Our analytics visualisation workbench means our clients can generate smarter intelligence in many ways; with interactive dashboards that give users the power to make decisions in real time, delivering the agility required to be way ahead of the competition.

A Truly Smart Integration

Instead of overhauling existing systems, our platform can be easily integrated into most business environments. Brytlyt is the future-proofed approach to data processing and analytics.

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