What Are The Key Factors Driving GPU-as-a-Service Market Expansion?

29th January 2021 by Brytlyt

Many GPU manufacturers and cloud service providers are focusing on innovating and developing technologies to proliferate market growth. The advent of big data analytics and AI supports the growth of the market, but also the growth of AR, VR, business intelligence software solutions, and location intelligence software applications. Potential partnerships and collaborations between GPU manufacturers and cloud software solutions are also likely to be a major catalyst for market growth over the next five years.

Some industry analysts predict that the GPU-as-a-Service Market could be worth in excess of £5 Billion (GBP) by 2025.

GPU-as-a-Service for Business

AI-powered Business Intelligence and analytics systems are now being used across a variety of sectors in the business market, with growing application of Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Advanced Data Science.

This advanced level of Business Intelligence and analytics is used across a variety of industries, including telecoms, pharmaceuticals, defence, logistics, insurance, financial and far beyond.

Artificial Intelligence also plays a role in ‘predictive’ analytics by harnessing a variety of statistical techniques that analyses both historical and live data, allowing systems to give business insight and make predictions about future events and behaviours. 

GPU-as-a-Service for Gaming & Crypto

Alongside newer-found applications in industry, gaming is still very much at the heart of the GPU market, and with cloud-based game streaming looking likely to be the future of things, there are huge growth predictions here for the GPU-as-a-Service market. There’s also growing interest (and application) of AI and AR in gaming which is also predicted to see massive growth over the next few years.

The increased demand of GPUs for cryptocurrency applications over the past few years doesn’t appear to look to slow down any time soon, especially with GPU manufacturers ramping up production to help meet the high demand, including making hardware more specific to the task.

GPU-as-a-Service for Manufacturing & Automotive

Artificial intelligence is also transforming virtually every aspect of the next wave of development in the manufacturing industry, especially in automotive. From design & assembly to the software that can provide a fully autonomous driving experience. Virtually all areas of the automotive sector are now experiencing unprecedented innovation with the adoption of GPU-acceleration and deep learning. 

A Collaborative Future

Many Cloud providers are looking to collaborate directly with GPU hardware and software providers to expand the Cloud services they provide. The next few years are expected to bring a more fluid convergence of these fairly separate sectors within the industry, also expected to drive growth and innovation.

At Brytlyt, we saw the potential application in GPU-Acceleration and are now at the forefront as a key player in the GPU-as-a-Service sector.

To find out more about Brytlyt and how we’re driving growth of the GPU-as-a-Service market with our next-generation platform, please get in touch. With ‘speed of thought’ analytics, our systems are built for ambitious businesses who want to harness their rapidly growing datasets of today and for tomorrow.

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