Enterprise Business Intelligence

13th April 2021 by Brytlyt

Business Intelligence encompasses the multitude of methods for collecting, storing and analysing data to give a holistic picture of an enterprise. Increasingly, more companies are creating a multitude of new touchpoints to further understand the nuances of their business, this, in turn, requires a more advanced level of Business Intelligence software. Platforms like Brytlyt help these companies increase efficiency, productivity and ultimately, profit.

By giving insight and direction to key business decisions tools, Brytlyt’s platforms allow companies to see trends, patterns, areas of growth and also areas that need attention. The better your business knows where it is now, the better it can forecast for where it needs to be.

This information can be processed in many ways; that’s where our analytics & visualisation workbench comes into its own – meaning our clients can generate smarter intelligence, with astonishing speed.

To some extent, organisations have always been able to process and understand their data retrospectively, but Brylyt gives users the power to make decisions in real-time.
Brytlyt systems deliver the agility required to be ahead of the curve and the competition.
By understanding the importance of data-driven businesses, we help our clients find meaning in their data with rapidly accelerated analytics.

Who Uses Brytlyt’s BI & Analytics Systems?

Over the past few decades, organisations that have experienced the highest levels of growth have invariably owed their success to leveraging their well-developed data architecture and digital infrastructure.

Our Business Intelligence systems are used in a variety of big data applications at the very cutting edge of the transformational analytics revolution, including Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Advanced Data Science.
Over the next few years, the vast majority of organisations are expected to have (or be swiftly moving towards) cloud-based BI & Analytics systems to meet their data, infrastructure and software needs. The ability to scale up as an organisation’s growth demands, makes a good business case for itself and an increasingly appealing proposition for enterprises of all sizes.

A Smart Integration

Instead of overhauling existing systems, our platform can be smartly integrated into most business environments. Brytlyt is the future-proofed approach to data processing and analytics.

Why use Brytlyt GPU-Accelerated Analytics?

Brytlyt helps you interactively query, visualise and power data science workflows over billions of records with a wide range of accelerated analytics solutions.
Our end-to-end platform delivers decision support and business-critical insights.
Built on PostgreSQL, we empower users to analyse more data, faster and with ease.
At Brytlyt, our Business Intelligence tools are at the forefront of the transformational analytics revolution with our unique GPU patent-pending IP technology. Our next-gen platform with speed of thought analytics is built for ambitious businesses who want to harness the potential from their rapidly growing datasets of today and for tomorrow.

To learn more about how GPU acceleration can help give your team the competitive advantage, as well as learning more about the importance of data visualisation, read more here, or contact Brytlyt, market leaders in GPU accelerated analytics, for any queries you may have.