Why Data Visualisation is Essential for Businesses

2nd February 2021 by Brytlyt

As technology becomes more readily available than ever before, so too does the amount of data being processed and collected increase. It’s continual. Each day there are over five billion web searches, 65 billion WhatsApp messages, and 294 billion emails.  

And this trend is only becoming more radical. 

The relationship between data and perception is well-known. As the amount of data presented increases, the ability to draw and perceive insights becomes increasingly difficult. This is true regardless of the type of data being presented – from fuel consumption to budgets to deforestation and DNA strands. The need for tools that can translate ‘big data’ into comprehensible, accessible formats is greater than ever. 

Data visualisation aims to do exactly this. By transforming incomprehensibly large amounts of data into a digestible visual representation (e.g. a chart, graph, or infographic), we can draw insights that were previously invisible.  

This can be used in a wide range of ways, from politics to surveys to healthcare and more. Importantly, when used correctly, it can equip businesses with the tools needed to stay ahead of the competition, drawing rapid conclusions from datasets that may not be available to key competitors.  

What insights can businesses gain from data visualisation?  

The list of insights possible to gain from using data visualisation is truly endless. Here are just a few examples:  

Seeking potential relationships 

By employing data visualisation to compare multiple variables, businesses may better understand the relationships between two independent factors, allowing them to seek out potential new areas of growth or development that their competitors aren’t taking advantage of. 

Accessing trends gained over time 

As with seeking out and uncovering relationships between two independent variables, businesses can gain access to trends gained over timeThis aids businesses in predicting future outcomes, enabling them to make informed market decisions and weigh up potential risks and benefits. 

Rapid reaction speed and insight 

One of the most important aspects of data visualisation is the ability to make rapid decisions based on new findings. An advantage of data visualisation platforms such as Tableau is that businesses can now pull up to 40 different datasets into a single visual – and do so in a clear, comprehensible wayThis flexibility gives businesses key tools and insights for developing future strategies and campaigns.  

GPU Acceleration and Data Visualisation 

As more and more datasets are pulled into data visualisation platforms (Tableau being capable of handling millions of rows of data), businesses must be able to support them with the right background technologyGPU acceleration reinforces technical capabilities, ensuring that systems can support the demanding workload.  

Without today’s advanced data visualisation, businesses may soon find themselves left behind as key competitors overtake them with newfound observation and decision-making capabilities. With access to GPU acceleration capabilities, businesses can gain access to the wide range of benefits gained through data visualisation, without putting elevated strain on their systems.  

To learn more about how GPU acceleration can help give your team the competitive advantage, as well as learning more about the importance of data visualisation, read more here, or contact Brytlyt, market leaders in GPU accelerated analytics, for any queries you may have.  

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