How can accelerated insights help my business?

30th November 2021 by Alex Harper

Accelerated Insight platforms are the result of technologies that allow incredibly fast processing of data that can be applied to a variety of applications and give a range of useful insights – this is done through a mixture of advanced computer hardware and dedicated software.

When collecting any form of data, the end goal is to always do something useful with it, based on what it can tell you, and the insights that can be drawn from it. By combining and analysing data from various sources into a centralised cloud-based data platform, patterns, gaps and trends can easily be identified. Data-centric storytelling provides the context for data-led decision-making.

For many years now, businesses have been able to make more and more sophisticated data-led decisions, however it’s the speed of generating these insights which is key. Accelerated insights come from combining and analysing data from a range of sources into our central cloud GPU-powered platform, that means the metrics can tell a story.

Companies of all sizes are also now increasing their use of Machine Learning (ML) to understand data from multiple touchpoints which would otherwise be both labour and time intensive to navigate. These new techniques require advanced systems that can collect raw data, process it and transform it into accessible graphical representations for humans to see data that tells a story.

Our advanced GPU accelerated platform is built for unrivalled processing power, seamless accessibility, and an incredible user experience at scale and our ground-breaking serverless solution disrupts data analytics as you know it.

Visualisation offers a solution by speeding up this process and providing the ability to speed up and present information to key decision-makers and stakeholders in the most efficient way. Spotlyt, our flagship visualisation tool, handles complex queries over billions of rows of data and is optimised to deliver a responsive and intuitive user experience. Through detailed and visually impressive graphics, maps and charts, Spotlyt can deliver an incredibly quick, clear visual analysis to better understand, interpret and even predict end-users behaviour in a range of sectors such as customer retention, network monitoring, identifying fraud, risk management – all working towards improving an organisation’s decision-making processes. Advanced visualisation tools are also ideal for fast-paced, dynamic markets, where time is of the essence.

Our Analytics Workbench

At Brytlyt we’re part of the GPU-accelerated revolution. By understanding the importance of data-driven businesses, we help our clients find meaning in their data with our analytics visualisation workbench.

Our workbench means users can generate smarter intelligence, at incredible speed. This information can be processed in a number of ways; with interactive dashboards that give users the power to make tweaks and variations when presenting data and be able to make decisions in real time.

A Range Of Solutions

Brytlyt’s products and systems can enable your organisation to explore the art of the possible:

SpotLyt: A complete GPU powered analytics workbench. Generate decision-ready business intelligence to drive strategic business growth. With cross-business benefits, SpotLyt visualises your insights at the speed of thought.

BrytMind: Integrated AI modelling and machine learning analytics tool. Build AI models to uncover deeper insights within your data relationships. BrytMind enables AI workloads to be run seamlessly against your database from a single interface.

BrytlytDB: The fastest and most advanced GPU database in the world. Access the value in your data and be empowered to make informed decisions for your business. Based on PostgreSQL, BrytlytDB accelerates your system’s capabilities.

A Smart Integration

Choosing from the wide range of Data Analytics tools and platforms available on the market can be both daunting and confusing. Therefore, it’s absolutely crucial for organisations to choose the right tool that aligns with your needs and compliments your existing infrastructure.

Rather than a complete overhaul of your existing infrastructure, we aim for a more straightforward integration into your current business environment, ensuring a future-proofed approach to your analytics and data processing needs.

Brytyt’s core focus is to help organisations to get the most out of their data – at incredible speed.

For Accelerated Insights, Why Choose Brytlyt?

  • Our end-to-end platform delivers business critical insights to empower teams and stakeholders with all-important decision support.
  • Brytlyt powers, queries and interactively visualises data workflows over billions of records, with a range of accelerated analytics products.
  • With a PostgreSQL compliant GPU database, your organisation can be up and running with the benefit of GPU speed – without disruption and dodging the integration costs you’d usually expect when onboarding any new platform.

Our technology has been developed for forward-thinking enterprises, who want to be at the cutting edge of transformational analytics. Our new-generation platform that can deliver ‘instant insights’ is perfectly suited to ambitious businesses with multi-touchpoint data streams, ensuring they’re leaps ahead of the competition, for both today and tomorrow.

Brytlyt enables an organisation to explore the art of the possible by applying analytics at scale and speed, whilst having customised functionality to match your capabilities to reveal even further insight.

Why Choose Brytlyt?

At Brytlyt, we’re passionate about creating market-leading technologies that bring solutions to issues for both today and for tomorrow, paving the way to go beyond the competition and make innovative breakthroughs in next-generation data solutions. We want to be part of your success story, so get in touch today.

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