How On Demand Cloud Computing can help an organisation

4th October 2021 by Brytlyt

On-demand cloud computing helps organisations in a multitude of different ways and there’s never been a more compelling time to consider your organisation’s infrastructure needs for both today, and tomorrow.

On-demand computing is becoming an ever-more-accessible technology model by which a customer can purchase cloud services as and when required. So, if your organisation is looking for additional servers for the duration of a specific project, they could do so and then revert back to the previous level after the project has been completed. On-demand cloud computing offers a range of resources such as storage capacity, computational speed and software applications available to users as required for temporary projects, unexpected workloads, routine work and even long-term computing requirements.

The single factor that most businesses find most attractive about on-demand Computing comes down to one thing: flexibility.

On-demand computing eliminates the need to regularly purchase, maintain, and upgrade personal servers and hardware. Instead, when your organisation subscribes to a service, you pass that duty on to the data storage and cloud service company managing the on-demand service.

What is On-Demand Computing?

ODC encompasses a range of software applications and resources that fall under its category. This includes:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS is a service model that provides all the computing resources you need to deploy and run your operating system, software, and applications. This includes servers, storage, networks, security, and other associated services. The advantage of IaaS is its flexibility. Unlike building your own physical infrastructure, an IaaS service can instantly adapt to your needs.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is the act of accessing software from a provider through a monthly service instead of installing or maintaining the applications on your own computer or data center. When using SaaS applications, the user no longer has to fund hardware, provisioning, maintenance, licensing, installation, or support. All of this is done through the SaaS service provider.

  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

DaaS is a desktop virtualisation service that is hosted and accessed through a cloud server. The purpose is to make accessing your desktop and applications easy from any device, anywhere.

Today’s businesses need flexibility. Being able to access your computer solely from your desk isn’t enough. Desktop as a Service is the solution. This subscription based service allows multiple users to access a single application from nearly any device.

  • Managed Hosting Services

Hosting typically refers to buying space on servers for a specific purpose. It can also include leased hardware associated with the hosting service. There are a variety of managed hosting services that an organisation can purchase in order to help grow their business. Most managed hosting services relieve companies of the majority of maintenance work, taking over the role as administrator of the system software, operating systems and hardware.

  • Cloud Storage and Backup Services

Cloud storage and backup is a managed storage service that removes your data offsite and places it in a secure data centre for protection. It can either be used to replace your onsite hardware or work alongside it as a backup plan. Best of all, cloud backup and storage enables you to have mobile access to your data from anywhere via nearly any mobile device.

A shift change for all organisations

With so many businesses now making remote working part of their operational setup, on demand computing delivers that user mobility by giving access to desktops, software, and applications from any device – all you need is an internet connection and the right user credentials. With IT services and the ability to immediately add, subtract, and update user credentials within a few keystrokes.

Why use Brytlyt?

  • Our end-to-end platform delivers decision support and business intelligence, offering critical insights.
  • Brytlyt helps you interactively query, visualise and power data science workflows over billions of records with a wide range of accelerated analytics solutions.
  • Built on PostgreSQL, we empower users to analyse more data, faster and with ease.

At the forefront of the Accelerated Insight revolution

Our unique GPU IP technology has been developed to be at the very forefront of the transformational insight revolution. Our next-generation platform with ‘speed-of-thought’ analytics is built for ambitious businesses who want to harness their rapidly growing datasets to their full potential.

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A truly smart integration

Instead of overhauling existing systems, our platform can be easily integrated into most business environments. Brytlyt is the future-proofed approach to data processing and business analytics.

Tomorrow’s technology, today

Plus, its adaptable functionality means you can continue to develop the platform as your needs change.

To learn more about how Brytlyt can help transform your data processing and business analytics processes, or to get started, get in touch here.