Maximising your data capital: How Brytlyt can maximise your data assets in the 2020s and beyond

26th October 2020 by Brytlyt

Data capital has rapidly emerged over the last decade as one of the most valuable assets for any business in an ever accelerating, digitised and connected world. Small and large enterprises, whether in retail, finance, telecoms, agri-tech and more, are building unprecedented volumes of data alongside evermore data points which are being built up. 

Core internal data assets – such as customer data, product information, or inventory  have been building steadily and increasingly over the last few decades. Furthermore, the adoption of new technologies, such as unstructured social media or streaming services, and the rise of IoT alongside greater and faster connectivity with 5G and fibre, means that we have increasingly more data points to exploit for analysis, visualisation and business intelligence. 

Ultimately, enterprises now find themselves in a position where they are data rich – but how can they go about exploiting this and ensure they are making the most of their data investments and data capital? 

Data visualisation tools help this by enabling end user ingestion and key decision making, whether as senior managerdata analyst or customer. Such visualisation tools are becoming more powerful in the interactivity and story telling that they bring to the whole array of data consumersHowever, these powerful tools are only as agile as the data they can access.  

Speed of thought data processing is the key to unlocking your data capital  

With the myriad of data sources and their sheer volume, alongside powerful and flexible visualisation tools, the historical solution to exploiting this data is to pre-process datasets so that queries and data presentation can take place for end users. 

However, this is a costly exercise for any business, no matter their size, and not necessarily the best use of scarce, valuable resource. Equally the pre-processing of data limits any subsequent querying and visualisation of these datasets. 

BrytlytDB has been developed with these problems in mind. Utilising state of the art GPU processing, BrytlytDB has been proven to be the fastest data processing engine available on the market. With BrytlytDB’s speed of thought processing we enable you to unlock the full potential of every data asset you have and fully exploit the power of innovative data visualisation tools such as TIBCO Spotfire and Tableau.  

The full power of these tools can be unleashed in real-time to an array of users, allowing businesses to fully exploit their data capital and investments and make informed, agile decisions, without being hamstrung by having to develop a vast array of data pre-processing tools. 

Moreover, the BrytlytDB is not a rip and replace solution – it will seamlessly integrate into the existing data environment, therefore historical investments can be evolved without the risk and cost of a full replacement programmeBrytlytDB instance can be up and running within hours for any business to take advantage of this powerful engine and transform their data and user possibilities. 

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