SpotLyt – Interactive Analytics for Billion Row Datasets

5th June 2019 by Brytlyt

SpotLyt is Brytlyt’s super-fast analytics workbench and is a complete tool for analysts, data scientists and business intelligence.

Beautiful charting

The visualisation component allows users to see all their charts. There is a geospatial mapping capability where you are able to combine what you are looking at on a map with aggregational charts – bar charts, line diagrams, heat maps etc.

Full SQL editor

The second component, the very powerful SQL editor, does all the coding and interacts with Brytlyt’s PostgreSQL database. Users are able to navigate to all their database objects, create views and tables etc. and work with data in the SQL editor.

Direct integration with Jupyter Notebooks

The third component is Jupyter. SpotLyt has a very strong link to Jupyter notebook. Jupyter notebook is a browser-based way of writing python code (and other code) with python being the main technology that data scientists are currently using.

Interactive geospatial mapping and analytics

In contrast to other vendors, SpotLyt has moved the rendering from the client side for mapping to the actual database side, meaning it is only the image that is shipped out, not the data. The technology used to do this is a web-mapping server. As a result, SpotLyt can now do really exciting things with maps, which has massive appeal to sectors such as telecommunications, oil & gas and location-based advertising.

Front-end scripting

Little coding snippets create controls and capture user intent, behaviour & events and subsequently use the information to dynamically change what will happen in the charting. It is very dynamic and drives dynamic scenarios.

Back-end scripting

Uses stored procedures because of the integration with PostgreSQL. This gives significant flexibility on the data side and enables users to dynamically work with the data.

SpotLyt provides fast, interactive drill-down capabilities to the individual data point level. It has been fine-tuned and optimised to ensure users have an incredibly responsive experience, a millisecond experience, which no other vendors can match.