How Tableau is Helping the Fight Against COVID-19

29th January 2021 by Brytlyt

To aid in the continuing fight against the international Covid-19 pandemic, Tableau has been using its advanced data visualisation software to provide key insights globally. From providing free webinars and live training to help the visualisation of infection rate data to combat COVID-19, to creating a collaborative and crowdsourced data centre to examine local outbreaks, we examine the many ways in which Tableau has been helping against this unprecedented threat, as well as how Brytlyt’s advanced GPU software can then propel this analysis to the next level. 

Vaccine Management 

‘Government agencies, healthcare and life sciences organizations need powerful visual analytics to manage vaccine distribution, uptake, and more,’

writes Tableau. 

To help track progression in modern Covid-19 vaccination efforts, Tableau has been offering free live webinars and training. This includes data on how to track vaccination frequencies and performance, facility preparedness, vaccine inventory, patient priority, and more 

The result? The personal development of Tableau users as they pool resources to create fully operational visualisations tracking national vaccination efforts. 

Outbreaks Near Me 

To further efforts to help in combatting the steady increase of Covid-19 outbreaks, Tableau has used collective crowdsourced information to create a virtual dashboard in an attempt to track, visualise, and predict current outbreaks of Covid-19 within the US.  

These crowdsourced surveys consider a wide range of factors about its users, from the reasoning behind their wearing a mask (‘personal choice’ or ‘because I have to’) to political party affiliation, access to healthcare and education level. By combining all of these factors into one intuitive dashboard, Tableau creates a detailed and far-spanning analysis of the current state of outbreaks in the US for policymakers and local leaders, broken down into the many different factors and parameters that may drive the pandemic further 

Covid-19 Innovation Centre 

In collaboration with 20 other organisations, including the UN, Tableau aims to take their national practices and place them on a global scale to create an overarching visual analysis of the international Covid-19 threat 

In an attempt to combat the ‘data tsunami of 2020’ and its ripple effects, Tableau aims to ‘continue working with countries and organizations to pull in as much data as possible from local, national, and global actors.’ 

With the recent creation of the platform and the provision of resourceful and current data, Tableau aims to support response and recovery projects for as long as necessary. 

Accelerating insights with Brytlyt 

Brytlyt can help the current fight against the Covid-19 threat by introducing speed of thought performance to these effortsWith the huge volumes of data and the disparate data sources that need to be processed for visualisation tools such as Tableau, Brytlyt has the ability to compose meaningful and actionable results in millisecondscapable of digesting multitudes of data from a wide range of sources. This in turn brings the capability to supercharge results and gain meaningful results, without time-consuming data pre-aggregation and pre-processing.  

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