GPU accelerated databases: What are the use cases?

25th November 2021 by Alex Harper

Many organisations are becoming increasingly aware that GPU accelerated databases are the future. However, they may struggle to envision how it would fit into their organisation. This is completely understandable, as with any new approach to technology, there is a learning and adoption curve.

Accelerated databases are currently being used by multiple industries, including telecoms, retail, finance, oil and gas, genomics and logistics for a range of ‘big data’ applications.

The Tech Making it Happen

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) have become one of the most important types of computing technology, particularly in enterprise. Designed for parallel processing, GPUs are used in a variety of applications, including graphics and video rendering. Although they’re best known for their capabilities in gaming, GPUs are becoming more popular for use in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Over time, GPUs have become increasingly flexible and programmable, expanding their capabilities beyond the gaming sphere. This has allowed graphics programmers to create more interesting visual effects and realistic scenes with advanced lighting and shadowing techniques. Other developers also began to tap into the power of GPUs to dramatically accelerate additional workloads for high performance computing (HPC), deep learning, and more.

A GPU works on SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) or SIMT (Single Instruction Multiple Threads). Compared to a CPU, it has much higher core or processor count. However, each of these processors are much simpler because they implement straight forward logic.

The colossal computing power available from cloud-based GPUs can extract and process business intelligence from huge datasets with incredible speed and accuracy.

GPU data processing functions by assigning parts of an application to the GPU, as opposed to using traditional architecture, which uses CPUs that are much slower and require significantly more hardware. CPU-based systems also rely on a level of manual processes by users and data scientists, like indexing and downsampling.

By contrast, GPU-based systems take in entire datasets, enabling users to instantly and interactively visualise, query and power data workflows over billions of lines of data.

The power that’s available from GPUs has completely reshaped IT architecture over the past few years, with the ability of computational resources to automatically scale based on immediate requirements. Over the next few years, the vast majority of organisations are expected to have cloud-based systems to meet their data, infrastructure and software needs.

Unlocking Your Data’s Potential

Using state-of-the-art GPU processing, BrytlytDB has proven to be the fastest data processing engine available on the market. BrytlytDB’s speed of thought processing enables customers to unlock the full potential of every data asset they have, with the ability to explore the power of innovative data visualisation tools such as Tableau and TIBCO Spotfire.

GPUs handle specific tasks incredibly well, making them perfect for taking on repetitive and specialised computing tasks at speed. This gives them a significant speed advantage over what has previously been achievable with CPUs. GPU accelerated systems are also inherently well suited to provide interactive visualisation in real-time for enormous datasets.

Over the coming years, the vast majority of organisations are expected to have, or be moving to, cloud-based systems. We use GPUs to uncover value in large datasets where legacy CPU-based systems can’t.

With Brytlyt, you can find meaning in massive amounts of data at the speed of thought. Our end-to-end platform delivers decision support and critical business insights.

Our GPU-Powered Analytics Workbench

By understanding the importance of data-driven businesses, we help our clients find meaning in their data with rapidly accelerated analytics.

Our analytics visualisation workbench lets our clients generate smarter intelligence at incredible velocity. This information can be processed in many ways. Interactive reports and summary dashboards that give users the power to make decisions in real time deliver the agility required to be way ahead of the competition.

Integration with Ease

Our platform can be easily integrated into most business environments without the arduous overhaul of existing systems.

Why use Brytlyt GPU-Accelerated Systems?

  • Brytlyt helps you interactively query, visualise, and power data science workflows over billions of records with a wide range of accelerated analytics solutions.
  • Our end-to-end platform delivers decision support and business-critical insights.
  • Built on PostgreSQL, we empower users to analyse more data, faster, and with ease.

Our unique GPU, patented IP technology has been developed to be at the very forefront of the latest transformational analytics revolution. Our next-generation platform with speed of thought analytics is built for ambitious businesses who want to harness their rapidly growing datasets of today, for tomorrow.

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