Why I love working at BL

7th September 2021 by Brytlyt

At Brytlyt, we are extremely proud of the company culture we have created and truly feel passionate about encouraging collaboration and innovation. We believe that it’s a key ingredient in developing great tools and are immensely pleased that our team members feel the same way.

We sat down with one of our sales team members, Mathew Rainbow, to discuss what it’s like to work at Brytlyt. We discuss the collaborative and passionate company culture, the challenges of continued personal development and the need to constantly learn new skills, as well as how the team has worked to maintain this culture after the shift to home working.

Q: Let’s start at the beginning – what was the deciding factor that led you to join Brytlyt?

Joining Brytlyt was a decision that I didn’t really have to think twice about making. From the initial conversation I had with the company, it was clearly explained to me the current business state; how we had received funding the previous year and now looking to expand globally and within new industries. Being the first intern hired, I knew exactly what my mission was and to join at this point would be both an exciting journey and a huge challenge.

Having previously worked within smaller teams/startups, I enjoyed the fast- paced way of life and the exposure to so many aspects of the business. Brytlyt is no exception. For instance, from my initial conversations to me starting in the role all happened within five days! Jumping in at the deep end was a great way to learn quickly and I feel like this has benefitted me as I have progressed.

Q: What are your absolute favourite things about working with the team?

Whilst fortunate to have met a couple of times, we all work remotely which has both challenges and benefits. As a team, however, this hasn’t held us back. We have a real mix of talents and abilities and as it feels more like a family than a company. It’s a great environment to learn, develop and feel like your voice can be heard, which can be rare for junior employees at larger companies.

We all know we are working towards the same mission and this ambition for achieving the same goals leads to a highly productive and energetic team environment.

Q: The three core values of Brytlyt are Integrity, Energy, and Excellence. How do you feel these values are reflected in Brytlyt?

These values are more than just a page on our website. They are the principles that guide our decision making on a daily basis. Any time I’m presented with a problem or challenge, I can use our values as a framework for how best to approach the task and with an autonomous working environment, it’s great to have these values as a guide. On a more specific and personal level, our can-do attitude and ability to reflect and improve on our outreach processes has been a huge factor in the success our campaigns, achieving results typically 4 or 5 times industry standards.

Q: What is it like working for such a fast-paced and rapidly growing tech company?

Working on the front line of cutting-edge technology and innovation is a hugely exciting place to be kick-starting my career and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Our team has grown rapidly since I joined six months ago, with people joining what feels like weekly at this point, and it is rewarding to reflect on where we started and how far we have come in a short space of time.

I’ve received mentorship from those more experienced and knowledgeable than myself and my efforts have also been rewarded by having trust put in me to take leadership positions and responsibilities for onboarding and training new starters. The fast pace and learning has facilitated the rapid growth we’ve seen as a business, and for myself personally.

Q: In your opinion, what do you feel are the main challenges facing you in this position?

I think the biggest challenge I face is constantly needing to improve both my knowledge and my processes. My biggest reservation before I started in the role was not having much of a background in technology, so I’ve spent a lot of time on personal development. Including understanding what it is we do, what our competitors do and research into the wider industry generally. There is still lots I don’t know, but the exposure to multiple industries during my time here has definitely contributed to my knowledge development.

My processes are also something that constantly needs to evolve. As my responsibilities have grown, there is an increased level of organisation that comes with this to make sure I keep on top of everything. Both of these challenges force you to adapt and become a better person, so they are challenges I embrace.