Why today’s data-driven businesses need GPU acceleration

1st October 2020 by Brytlyt

Analytics has the power to transform businesses today – and many organisations are leveraging this opportunity by putting data insights at the centre of their business model.

There is more data available than ever before, with many datasets reaching billions of rows. While this gives organisations opportunities for even greater intelligence, standard CPU database and analytics technology can’t keep up with this increased pressure.

Brytlyt’s GPU accelerated workbench provides the solution, enabling  business-critical intelligence, in context and at the speed of thought

Businesses need a data revolution

So, what are data-led companies trying to achieve with their massive datasets? What’s the benefit of processing billions of rows of data?

The primary goal for businesses is informed decision making. Companies want to harness customer, market and company data to gain timely, relevant and actionable insights that can be applied to business decisions, strategic planning, daily operations and more.

But currently, this process is extremely cumbersome for the analysts and business intelligence users trying to exploit data. From pre-aggregation and pre-processing, to de-normalising – there are a multitude of steps that occur just to prepare data ahead of analysis. This means data is partially readied before queries are run to improve the responsiveness of standardised analytics.

While this is done to save time for the end user, it comes with serious downsides. When data is pre-processed, users can only answer a set of predefined questions and can’t easily customise their workloads or perform adhoc analysis. Instead, to generate new insights, analysts need to limit their queries, use smaller datasets which reduces output quality, or spend months rebuilding new questions into the predefined set. Overall this makes for an extremely poor user experience.

In a world where customer demands, questions and experiences are always changing – companies need a technology that supports agile processing for dynamic business environments.

Speed of thought analytics

How Brytlyt solves the data problem

Brytlyt is a passionate and dynamic company. Our vision is to empower businesses to transform how they get value from data.

Our mission is to deliver insights at the speed of thought and in context, without the compromises. The Brytlyt platform was built to introduce all the things not previously possible; enabling ad hoc analysis, agility, producing new insights quicker, and handling vast datasets with ease.

Back in 2013 we recognised that data-driven companies were making huge compromises in their data processing – such as pre-aggregation, limiting the scope of their queries, using smaller datasets, or dedicating massive amounts of time – in order to get the actionable insights they needed.

Ultimately, their current systems had limited capabilities and couldn’t cope with the sheer size of modern datasets.

Brytlyt was founded to provide a solution. Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) systems were beginning to be used beyond their core use of graphics in numeric and general processing workloads, empowering high performance computing, science and simulations for example.

We identified another use for GPU systems – super-fast, super-detailed database processing. This was the answer to the market’s data woes. With the ability to adapt to new queries and raw data faster than any other system, Brytlyt helps you proactively perform unique analytics in the moment.

GPU accelerated databases and analytics

Deployed as clusters, GPU-based databases are optimised to process multi-billion row data stores in parallel. They can process large and evolving datasets, uncovering extreme detail in seconds. This transformation in speed, in comparison to CPUs, also means restrictive pre-processing methods aren’t needed, unlocking agile analysis.

The Brytlyt Platform

Brytlyt is the world’s fastest and most advanced GPU accelerated analytics workbench – empowering transformational insights for everyone. With Brytlyt, organisations can perform speed of thought analytics to both existing and original workloads, in context, and on large datasets.

Our Solutions 

Our solutions include a database, analytics visualisation tool, and the AI framework PyTorch – all underpinend by GPU technology – and can work both independently or as a single solution.

Each product in the Brytlyt Platform can be seamlessly integrated with your existing systems, working alongside it to accelerate and enhance workload capabilities. The platform as a whole is also fully customisable, with powerful coding and scripting abilities, allowing you to create the exact solution for your requirements.

With Brytlyt GPU technology, organisations can gain revolutionary data processing capabilities, without the hassle of replacing their entire system.

GPU accelerated databases and analytics are ultimately a necessity for data-driven businesses who want quality performance. Their ability to handle data is unmatched and is the only way to meet the rising demands for faster data processing, flexible querying, and more sophisticated and detailed outputs at speed.

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