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SpotLyt – Interactive Analytics for Billion Row Datasets

Real time visualization & analysis for massive datasets

SpotLyt is Brytlyt’s own web visualization tool, designed to allow data scientists and analysts to get the most out of the Brytlyt GPU database with real time analysis and interactive exploration. SpotLyt allows users to visually discover correlations and anomalies in billion row datasets in real time.

A holistic and detailed point of view at your fingertips

SpotLyt’s visual analytics tool uses the Brytlyt database’s own rendering engine to visualise billion row datasets, while providing fast interactive drill down capabilities to the individual data point level.

The perfect add-on to your current visualisation tools

Although the Brytlyt database works with most current visualization tools, these external tools generally can’t handle geo-visualization with more than 20,000 datapoints. SpotLyt can help analysts understand trends in massive datasets with features like geo-visualization, cross-filtering and more.

Built using the open source Plotly platform

By using the open sourced PostgreSQL visualization tool, Plotly, SpotLyt offers the ability for users to add any custom visualisation or dashboards based on a business’s needs.

SpotLyt Benefits

  • Database rendering engine

    Graphics in SpotLyt are rendered at the database, thereby avoiding the overhead of transferring large result sets from server to client. Compressed graphic images are sent instead.

  • Insight with cross filtering

    The SpotLyt dashboard is fully interactive, with the ability to click or zoom in/out of visualizations and use the charts themselves to instantly filter the rest of the worksheet, helping analysts to quickly discover correlations and anomalies in data.

  • Built on Plotly

    Spotlyt was build on the open source Plotly platform, which means it is very easy to add more sophisticated charts from the extensive Plotly library or even custom charts depending on a business’s needs.

  • Easy coding

    Because SpotLyt uses store procedures and cursors, nested queries, joins and JSON, it's very easy to customize and extend.

Get a FREE 30 Day Trial

We are confident we can deliver on our promise and that’s why we’re happy to offer a free 30-day trial of our platform so you can see the difference it makes to your business for yourself. Contact Us Today to start your trial.