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Harness fast-paced market data with proactive analytics

The financial industry is a predominantly data-driven arena with rapidly growing client and market datasets. Brytlyt helps analysts uncover a deeper understanding of their market context in real time.

From static or streaming datasets our platform can deliver risk analysis, fraud intelligence, and market insights faster than any other system. Our agile platforms can compute complex and integrated calculations for a more informed view of the current and future financial landscape.

The Brytlyt platform empowers complete competitive advantage, with diverse and accurate analytics that benefit organisations and individuals.

Brytlyt for Finance

  • Fraud detection 

    Brytlyt accelerates and magnifies fraud detection capabilities. The platform enables quick and accurate detection of fraud signals in large and complex datasets, both static and streaming, while reducing false positives.

    With the ability to drill down into the detail and assess billions of rows of data, Brytlyt can uncover anomalies and intricate patterns in real time. This means even sophisticated, persistent threats can be detected and prevented.

  • Proactive risk management 

    Brytlyt enables users to make better, more informed investment decisions. Historical trends and consistently up-to-date data are analysed in seconds, so your organisation can stay ahead of market changes.

    By incorporating relevant and recent market events, financial industries can perform robust risk management calculations with Brytlyt. The significantly reduced risk is beneficial for both the analyst user and the end-client, increasing chances of success.

  • Agility in complexity

    Brytlyt supports the analysis of complex calculations simultaneously and in milliseconds. This ensures better, real-time results giving you a strong competitive advantage in a fast-paced market.

    Instead of waiting hours or days, market and counter-party calculations can be made in the moment. Users are empowered to be extremely agile, and can seamlessly adjust their perspective based on the most up-to-date market positions.

  • Diverse scenario modelling and visualisations

    Enrich your market and competitor view with super-fast, advanced models and visualisations. Geospatial data analysis allows users to see multiple data views at once to better understand how different financial trends and activities are influencing one another. To assess more contained and intricate investments, users can also zoom in on specific data to fully interpret its behaviour.

    For even more complex or diverse analytical projects – data scientists and analysts can deploy their own code to create custom graphs and models directly in the Brytlyt platform.

  • Competitive processing speeds

    When everyone in the financial industry receives data at the same time, in the same way, how you handle this data determines your competitive difference.

    With Brytlyt’s GPU accelerated analytics platform, you can process this data to uncover detailed and valuable insights in milliseconds. And with adaptable functionality that’s easy to scale, Brytlyt provides future-proofed performance for long-term competitive advantage.

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Dive deeper into your financial data and get ahead of the competition with Brytlyt. Our GPU accelerated analytics ensures greater, faster, more accurate results from comprehensive market and risk calculations.


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