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Accelerate DNA sequencing

Genomic analysis and insights often take hours, if not days, to produce. Simply put, the computational analysis process isn’t sufficiently supported by current technology. As sequencing is getting more advanced, and analysis is more in-demand, this problem needs to be solved.

Brytlyt reduces processing time from days to milliseconds. The advanced database, analytics and visualisation workbench helps optimise technical procedures, such as DNA sequencing, to help people do their job better, and at scale.

With GPU database technology you can accelerate sequencing workloads while improving the quality of results and outcomes.

Brytlyt for DNA & Genomics

  • Unleash faster sequencing

    Our GPU accelerated platform is designed to handle large and diverse datasets with ease. With the ability to process multiple data sources simultaneously, users can understand complex sequencing and genomic data, plus chemical and reagent analysis in seconds.

    By significantly reducing the time taken to get technical results and important procedural insights, analysts and researchers are empowered to work more effectively, without adverse bottlenecks.

  • Reveal critical detail

    Reliability of data is essential when it comes DNA analysis and research. Even for large or complex datasets, Brytlyt can identify important chemical features such as mutations, data variants, key markers or outliers accurately and quickly.

    The platform also enables users to identify previously undetected details, ensuring the results received are entirely complete.

  • Support scientific advancements

    Whether it’s standard tried and tested sequencing algorithms or more recent deep learning approach, Brytlyt can handle advanced sequencing workloads.The flexibility of the platform allows users to adjust functionality and scale computing power to specific needs.

    Brytlyt technology gives scientific analysts and researchers the platform to perform at higher standards – matching the rapid advances in genomic science.

Transform with Brytlyt

Brytlyt supports the need for faster, more accurate data analysis within health, genomics and DNA, now and in the future. The platform can handle current, complex technological needs with ease, and also has the agility to advance alongside genomic development.


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