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Streamline operations with real-time data visualisation 

Logistics requires visibility over thousands of interconnected moving parts – each producing their own unique and complex data lake.

Brytlyt enables both analysts and decision-makers to gain clear visibility over every element of activity. With the ability to process and compare multiple data steams at once, Brytlyt gives users the comprehensive analytics they need to achieve end-to-end efficiency.

The platform harnesses billions of rows of data, uncovering valuable insights across departmental data; from transport management to inventory maintenance. Using Brytlyt, users can make fast and accurate decisions to optimise workflows, exceed target metrics, and boost the end business performance.

Brytlyt for Logistics

  • Visualise multiple data streams

    When every link in the chain is integral to the final result, it’s important to have visibility over the entire process. Brytlyt’s visualisation tool, SpotLyt, brings all the data users need to see into an easy to use, customisable interface.

    Without having to leave the Brytlyt platform, analysts can visualise scheduling data, shipping routes, maintenance bottlenecks, and geographic tracking – both individually and side by side. Users can also interact with and manipulate this data seamlessly, so they can pinpoint exactly what intelligence they need in seconds.

  • Real-time geospatial analytics

    The Brytlyt platform has powerful geospatial capabilities for more accurate and timely insights. Analysts can now identify and solve the source of active problems or potential risks in real-time, ultimately helping logistics teams reduce bottlenecks and effectively meet their targets.

    Underpinning the Brytlyt visualisation solution, geospatial analytics gives users the ability to drill deeper to detect individual data points in location, time, device and more.


  • Improve customer experience

    Logistics teams can interact with real-time, evolving data to ensure deliveries, production and other key activities remain en route and on schedule. Brytlyt gives users the ability to analyse every moment of operations, beyond the factory and into the last mile.

    This ensures that any unprecedented disruptions, such as severe weather or breakdowns, can be immediately identified and rectified to maintain optimal customer service.

  • Mitigate risks in advance

    Brytlyt offers predictive analytics capabilities and real-time data processing, with smart AI and machine learning features. Brytlyt helps logistics users forecast and track even the most dynamic data, such as supply chain demand, weather data, or maintenance requirements to proactively identify significant anomalies.

    Analytics and senior staff members can now stay ahead of potential issues and prevent operational disruptions before they arise.

Transform with Brytlyt

Brytlyt gives logistics teams, from strategic decision makers to analysts and on-the-ground operators, the comprehensive data visibility and deep understanding of insights they need to improve efficiency across operations.

The platform’s accelerated, real-time tracking, monitoring and integrated analyses capabilities gives users the intelligence they need to massively streamline workflows and mitigate risks for optimised logistics performance.


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