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Extract the value from data to boost operational efficiency

The oil and gas industry generates and stores massive amounts of data. Brytlyt helps extract applicable intelligence that will drive better results across all activity; in upstream, midstream and downstream scenarios.

Combining geospatial visualisation and accelerated data processing, data analysts can evaluate performance and improve efficiency for operation management.

Easily determine the impact of changes in demand, streamline production and distribution, plus much more. Brytlyt provides a comprehensive solution to improve and accelerate all processes through better understanding of vast and intricate data.

Brytlyt for Oil & Gas

  • End-to-end management

    Brytlyt empowers users to manage their entire information process simultaneously through maximising their data resources. Using GPUs for larger datasets, the platform accelerates operational planning, production, and resource management.

    Integrated visualisations display how different interactions influence each other and impact operations. Track all activity across entire well locations so oil and gas organisations can understand and work to improve key metrics, including quality, performance and yield, at each stage of the process. Providing greater visibility, the Brytlyt platform drives better planning and operational efficiency.

  • Advanced problem mitigation

    Whether it’s drilling, pipeline flow, or monitoring well infrastructure, Brytlyt generates detailed real-time analytics data to improve situational awareness and empower timely decision making.

    Predictive analytics capabilities allow users to evaluate all areas of infrastructure and operational workflows to detect potential problems before they arise. The Brytlyt platform provides insights thousands of times faster than previously possible to help ensure processes are undisrupted and increasingly efficient.

  • Vast data analytics

    The Brytlyt platform can instantly render and visualise oil and gas data, from billion-row datasets. With the geospatial display, users can identify extreme detail in rapidly expanding stores, from small abnormalities to cross-dataset patterns.

    Compare and evaluate multiple sources and types of data at once for more comprehensive, integrated analytics. Brytlyt also works seamlessly with many existing systems, meaning users can truly exploit all their data through our advanced analysis capabilities; including seismic, geographical, geological, distribution, and operator data.

  • Extract business insight

    Brytlyt’s flexible infrastructure enables users to better align their analytics with their business needs. Now deeper, more accurate, and more appropriate insights that directly feed into key strategic decisions are made possible.

    The ability to drill down into specific areas – such as infrastructure capabilities, resource management, pricing strategies, distribution processes, and overall performance quality – provides the opportunity for multifaceted improvements. With Brytlyt, industry data can be utilised for tangible, profitable results such as safety enhancements and cost savings.

  • 3D seismic visualisation

    Use Brytlyt to visualise 3D seismic datasets while also dynamically running noise filtering on images. Brytlyt intelligently processes and visualises raw seismic data to remove any reflections of refractions that may arise.

    With artificial intelligence and machine learning built into the platform, Brytlyt ensures your view of critical data is clearer and crisper than ever before. This makes it easier to identify fault lines within strata and identify where deposits are most likely to be found.

Transform with Brytlyt

Get more value from your data with comprehensive oil and gas analytics. GPU accelerated analytics uses next-generation processing power to unlock the vast potential in complex industrial data.

See better results immediately in every aspect of procedure and reduce time-to-value. Combining advanced analytics with actionable business insights, Brytlyt accelerates how the oil and gas industry operates.


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