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Create a customer-led business model

It’s increasingly challenging to keep up with changing customer needs and fluctuating sales cycles. Brytlyt provides agile functionality to help retailers maintain quality of service whilst adapting to evolving requirements and demands.

With Brytlyt users can process, analyse and extract intelligence faster than traditional systems – so retailers can understand their customers at a deeper level. Brytlyt enables in-depth analysis of overall trends and individual behaviours in seconds, providing the right insights to proactively stay in-tune with and respond to the trends influencing the market.

Brytlyt for Retail

  • Customer analysis in detail

    Retail is a customer-centric business – understanding active and target audiences at every level is essential. SpotLyt can produce a multitude of visualisations, process and combine diverse data sources or stores, and be filtered by a wide range of influential factors.

    This enables users to track and analyse customer behaviour, buying habits, and demographics for both the individual, the customer panel and the product category. Brytlyt’s capacity for larger datasets empowers users to understand the entire picture in more detail and identify patterns.

  • Discover meaningful trends 

    With Brytlyt, users can detect and track all the trends that impact your business and the market you operate in. Whether it’s presenting the wider view over seasons and customer demographics, or conducting in-depth analysis of micro-trends within specific times of year – Brytlyt enables retail businesses to take advantage of every opportunity, faster.

    The platform’s intuitive geospatial mapping and coding functions also enable the customisation of data processing and visualisations, to seamlessly accommodate new demands or behaviours, such as purchasing influences.

  • Smart inventory and stock management 

    As customer behaviour fluctuates, so do category management and inventory requirements. But retailers need to stay one step ahead in order to meet demands. With Brytlyt, users can perform comprehensive and timely inventory and category management at both a micro and macro level.

    This assists more informed management policies that can be altered quickly, for efficient and consistent customer service performance. The Brytlyt platform helps users anticipate changes in advance, to create and deliver customised fulfilment strategies.

  • Track pricing and promotional impact

    The Brytlyt platform can be used to track the effectiveness of pricing strategies, for improved margins and sales performance. Through the analysis of customer contained sales campaigns, or long-standing pricing trends, Brytlyt allows users to evaluate their strategic impact on customer behaviour over a period of time.

    With deeper insights based on historic data, retailers can create more informed future campaigns and effective pricing strategies that engage customers and meet targets.

Transform with Brytlyt

Brytlyt is the only platform agile enough to keep up with the short, and often unpredictable, lifecycles of retail markets. The customisable and flexible functionality ensures that users can adapt data models and visualisations to reflect new requirements and stay ahead of demand.


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