Telecoms | Brytlyt - Unlock Detailed Insights From Expanding Datasets

Unlock detailed insights, from expanding datasets

Our agile platform enables analysts and data scientists to dig deeper and pinpoint the exact intelligence they need, when they need it.

Brytlyt can easily extract both aggregated and granular intelligence from large datasets. With the ability to focus in on regions, times, individual customers and more, users are empowered to understand and leverage the nuances of their data.

The accelerated platform unleashes new possibilities that help to improve performance and customer experience, optimise network and technology rollouts, and uncover valuable insights previously inaccessible.

Brytlyt for Telecoms

  • Customer experience

    With Brytlyt, Telecoms can exploit the full extent of their customer data.

    Increased insight into the complete customer experience, and enhanced understanding of what impacts users in real-time, enables operators to deliver a more responsive and improved customer experience.

    Powerful geospatial analytics empowers users to visualise how individual customers interact with the network, analyse behaviour by region or date, or decipher how customer perception impacts retention and churn.

  • Network monitoring

    Network issues need to be identified and fixed quickly to maintain service quality and customer satisfaction. With precision and detail, Brytlyt can discover previously undetected anomalies, zoom in on or identify relationships between specific events, and undergo powerful network analysis in seconds.

    For example, engineers can easily monitor usage and capacity or bandwidth performance in real time and forecast future trends. This helps Telecom providers manage their network more efficiently and consistently optimise performance for all customers.

  • Optimise operations and 5G deployments 

    Brytlyt helps the Telco industry achieve more efficient and successful operations with business-critical insights. The platform can be used to analyse the result of strategic decisions before deployment, to save resources and investment.

    Whether it’s a large-scale 5G network rollout, or a new regional deployment, operators and providers can analyse their optimal regional audiences, locations for infrastructure, and release times. Even with routine maintenance, analysts can easily identify and prioritise key areas for more effective resource management.

  • Competitor analysis

    Telecoms are empowered to understand the wider market landscape and identify opportunities by evaluating competitor performance. Data scientists can visualise diverse and complex datasets at scale, enabling comprehensive comparison of performance and position to support market-led business and decisions.

    Using Brytlyt, Telecoms gain competitive advantage by combining a detailed vantage of the overall market with in-depth, organisational intelligence.

Transform with Brytlyt

Customer and network data can be a hugely competitive asset – but finding and exploiting the value in increasingly large datasets can be difficult.

Brytlyt makes accessing valuable, tangible business intelligence from data more efficient and effective. Our GPU accelerated database and analytics platform revolutionises your speed to insight.


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