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Use Cases for brytlyt’s GPU Database

In a world where data driven decision making is more important than ever before, being able to improve time to-value by answering more complex questions, for more people, on ever growing amounts of data is essential.

  • Retail Industry

    Continuously responding to changing customer needs, in a market where margins are often thin and product cycles are becoming shorter, an accelerated GPU Database like Brytlyt can help.

    Understanding customer behaviour across social, digital and retail platforms gives businesses a more accurate 360-degree view of each customer. Brytlyt’s solution is up to 1000x faster than traditional solutions.

    A GPU accelerated database can be used to understand seasonal, cultural and regional trends to reveal micro-trends and take advantage of opportunities in real time.

    Brytlyt’s GPU database can analyse inventory at macro and micro level so that products and product lines can respond to customised fulfilment strategies.

  • Financial Services

    Finance is one of the most data driven of any industry and has a huge amount to gain from Brytlyt’s GPU Accelerated Database.

    Risk management calculations on up-to-the-moment data can by ran using Brytlyt’s GPU database with sub-second speed. This delivers better informed investment decisions to the user.

    With Brytlyt you can react quickly to market events while simultaneously reducing credit risk.

    By running more complex market or counter-party risk calculations, financial industry can obtain results in real time rather than overnight. This speed and quality of information provides a deeper insight to exposures, enabling the financial industry to rapidly adjust positions and reduce risk.

    Brytlyt can accelerate fraud detection on large static or streaming datasets to uncover anomalies and patterns that signal fraud while reducing false positives and detecting advanced, persistent threats in real-time.

  • Telecommunications Industry

    From analysing network coverage and quality of experience, to making improvements and related investment decisions, the telecommunications industry can gain from Brytlyt’s GPU accelerated database.

    Monitoring usage and capacity issues by visualising real-time data in order to identify the periods of heaviest network usage, telecom providers can use Brytlyt to forecast network capacity and plan for short-term surges in real time, and interactively, on large and complex data sets.

    Optimising infrastructure and networks/towers by visualising the real-time usage for insights on performance, bandwidth or maintenance issues can be done in milliseconds with Brytlyt’s GPU database, ensuring the health of the networks.

  • Logistics

    Brytlyt delivers real-time geospatial analytics and insight to provide fast and accurate business decisions, optimise last mile scheduling, manage inventory and improve customer experience. Brytlyt's database and analytics workbench is 1,000 times faster than traditional solutions.

  • Health

    Brytlyt can make a life-saving difference to the healthcare industry by delivering real-time analytics and insight from massive datasets, up to 1,000 times faster than traditional solutions. Brytlyt is the world's most advanced GPU database and analytics workbench and can be applied to areas of the health industry, such as DNA sequencing, image analysis, scientific research and drug discovery.