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GPU accelerated database, analytics and visualisation workbench

Brytlyt empowers next-generation data processing for real-time, actionable business intelligence. With graphics processor units powering our platform you can achieve speed of thought analytics, on any system.

Brytlyt is specifically tailored to accommodate vast and diverse datasets. Our unique ability to process SQL JOINs using our graphics processing units significantly reduces query time across multiple tables. Now businesses can fully exploit the potential of their growing data, in detail, and in milliseconds.

Brytlyt is the future-proofed approach to data processing and analytics. Instead of overhauling your existing system, our platform can be easily integrated into your business environment. Plus, its adaptable functionality means you can continue to develop the platform as your needs change.

GPU Accelerated Analytics Platform

  • BrytlytDB

    Agile GPU accelerated database with unmatched intelligence.

    BrytlytDB accelerates and multiplies all your data activity. By combining PostgreSQL with the power of a GPU, it can process, manage and store larger datasets without compromising on quality.

    Combined with BrytMind, BrytlytDB supports AI and machine learning workloads on top of multiple GPU clusters.


  • SpotLyt

    Real-time visualisation and analytics tool for business intelligence.

    Understand the bigger picture or drill down into your data. Powered by GPU technology, SpotLyt can produce the insights you need at the speed of thought.

    The end-to-end solution integrates with the Brytlyt platform, and has intuitive coding, scripting and geospatial mapping capabilities.


  • BrytMind

    Smart interface that unifies database and AI capabilities.

    Exploit your data to the fullest. Using SQL and PyTorch, you can run database and AI workloads at the same time.

    Accessed using popular tools such as PyTorch and Jupyter Notebooks, BrytMind can be used with ease.


The art of the possible

Brytlyt is the foundation for any data-driven business. Our GPU accelerated database can be applied to any number of use cases, driving informed insight across teams, departments and organisations.

The Brytlyt platform enables you to explore the art of the possible. Apply analytics at scale and speed, while customising functionality to match your capabilities, to reveal even greater insight.

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