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Revolutionary serverless analytics, unparalleled experience and performance 

As the world’s first serverless analytics platform powered by GPU acceleration, Brytlyt is transforming the way people leverage data. The innovative SaaS platform provides end-to-end database, analytics and visualisation capabilities, enhanced by integrated AI and speed of thought processing power.  

Boasting highly compatible technology and patented algorithms, Brytlyt has the power to process billion-row, evolving datasets in milliseconds, without the need for expensive hardware or expertise. 

Once considered an out of reach resource for many, Brytlyt is putting GPU acceleration in your hands, with fewer barriers than ever before. Offering complete accessibility for organisations of all sizes and budgets, Brytlyt is built for exceptional user experience. 

Say goodbye to fixed pricing and capacity, inflexible infrastructure and inefficient resourcing. Optimise your data insights with on-demand, next-generation accelerated analytics. Just log in to start your data transformation.




  • Computing on demand
    Harness GPU performance

    Whatever your workload, whatever your project, Brytlyt will supply the exact resource you need for as long as you are needing itJust bring your browser and log in to start exploring, let our software do the rest for you. 

  • Configure
    software for your needs

    Brytlyt’s patented software is easy to configure, giving you the flexibility to tailor the platform to your requirements. Your data sources can be easily accessed through simple drag-and-drop functionality. 

  • Scale
    resources with simplicity 

    You no longer need to purchase GPU hardware to accommodate higher-capacity workloads. Whether you’re taking on resource-intensive machine learning projects or expanding your user numbers, – Brytlyt seamlessly scales resources to match your usage. 

  • Build
    solutions you need

    Our agile solution enables you to easily adapt to changing data and analytics requirements. The flexible functionality means you can add or remove resources as your needs change.

    Plus, with the additional ability to cluster GPUs together, you’ll have the capacity to achieve high-performance memory and compute at scale. So you can be confident you have a future-proofed solution that can handle tomorrow’s challenges.

  • Unlock
    parallel processing

    BrytlytDB is the most efficient platform for performing parallel processing for JOINs on GPU. Businesses can fully exploit the power of relational database concepts and bring context for truly meaningful analytics.

  • Solve
    problems smarter

    Delve deeper into your data with BrytlytDB’s powerful functionality. In-database machine learning and artificial intelligence with deep neural network capabilities help you solve more complex problems and support development for future insights.

What is serverless? 

Just like when using a taxi:

With Brytlyt, customers only pay for what they use. They have complete control to scale capacity up and down as needed, with direct access to our patented software, powered by cutting-edge GPU hardware in the cloud. Just like getting a taxi, you’re only charged for the resources you actually use.

Unlike inflexible and costly on-prem or cloud services are empowered to do more with an accelerated analytics platform, unrestricted by hidden costs, and unshackled from complex hardware or software management.



Brytlyt is available on a subscription-based, pay-as-you-use model. Delivered as cost-effective credits, users and businesses will only pay for the total capacity they use. 

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Brytlyt is transforming the way people leverage GPU. For innovative and data-driven businesses, this is the most efficient and powerful analytics solution on the market.

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