BrytlytDB | GPU Powered and PostgreSQL Based Database

The fastest and most advanced GPU database in the world

BrytlytDB enables an agile and future-proofed approach to data. Introducing speed, context, and AI intelligence to massive amounts of data, BrytlytDB transforms how you perform analytics.

Business and customer data is growing faster than ever. BrytlytDB ensures you stay ahead of the curve by enabling you to consolidate, combine and analyse vast and complex datasets at the speed of thought.

It can be used to proactively uncover business critical insights across all departments, giving you greater competitive advantage. Whether it’s intelligence on business operations, market demand, or new revenue opportunities, BrytlytDB can leverage your datasets to drive success.

Based on PostgreSQL, BrytlytDB is already highly compatible with most existing systems and a range of well-known platforms. This enables a fast and easy implementation process while also significantly enhancing functionality.

Accommodating a wide range of sizes, sources and types of data; BrytlytDB accelerates your time to intelligence.



  • Integrate for greater simplicity

    BrytlytDB helps you get more value from your existing technological investments. Because it’s built on PostgreSQL, you will continue to benefit from any SQL code, intelligence or analytic visualisations that already exist. All visualisation tools today, like Tableau, can connect to PostgreSQL and will therefore run natively on BrytlytDB, including other PostgreSQL friendly packages like Python.

    Standard data connectors also enable you to access and aggregate data from disparate systems across your business.

  • Analyse more diverse datasets

    BrytlytDB can process billions of rows of data, at high speed and while streaming, meaning you can see and understand real-time data.

    The Brytlyt platform doesn’t need to pre-aggregate or pre-programme data to get quick results. Instead our millisecond performance GPUs provide you with the same level of performance but from a raw data set and without the complexity, time, or resources required by other solutions.

  • Gain insight at speed 

    GPU-accelerated databases are thousands of times faster than legacy systems. Instead of waiting hours, days, or even weeks, you’ll have business critical insights in milliseconds.

    Brytlyt’s high performance GPUs makes historically complex ETLs simple, so you can unlock value from multi-billion row datasets at the speed of thought.

    BrytlytDB’s stored procedures and database functions, running on a solid database foundation means you have the most advanced features available in the market. Users are therefore empowered with faster set up and reduced time-to-insight.

  • Build the solutions you need

    Our agile solution enables you to adapt to changing data and analytics requirements more easily. The flexible functionality means you can add or remove resources as your needs change.

    Plus, with the additional ability to cluster GPUs together, you’ll have the capacity to achieve high-performance memory and compute at scale. So you can be confident you have a future-proofed solution that can handle tomorrow’s challenges.

  • Unlock parallel processing

    BrytlytDB has the most efficient platform for performing parallel processing for JOINs on GPU. Businesses can fully exploit the power of relational database concepts and bring context for truly meaningful analytics.

  • Solve problems smarter

    Delve even deeper into your data with BrytlytDB’s smarter functionality. Machine learning and artificial intelligence with deep neural network capabilities help you solve more complex problems and support development for future insights.

BrytlytDB Product Sheet

Download the free BrytlytDB Product Sheet PDF for more information on product details, deployment, features and benefits.

GPU Accelerated Analytics Platform

  • SpotLytComplete GPU powered analytics workbench.

    Generate decision-ready business intelligence to drive strategic business growth. With cross-business benefits, SpotLyt visualises your insights at the speed of thought.


  • BrytMindIntegrated AI modelling and machine learning analytics tool. 

    Build AI models to uncover deeper insights within your data relationships. BrytMind enables AI workloads to be run seamlessly against your database from a single interface.


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