BrytMind | Integrated AI modelling and machine learning analytics tool

Integrated AI modelling and machine learning analytics tool

BrytMind is Brytlyt’s AI product, adding robust functionality to the overall Brytlyt platform while eliminating disparate processes. With it, users are able to seamlessly run AI workloads directly against database tables, for deeper and more detailed insights, instantaneously.

BrytMind is fully embedded into BrytlytDB so users can easily switch between views using the same interface. With both database and AI working together, intelligent analytics are more accessible than ever.

The tool is compatible with a number of coding languages, such as Python, giving analysts the ability to easily customise workloads, enabling advanced and bespoke analytics.

BrytMind enriches analytics functionality, putting smarter insights at your fingertips.



  • Integrate for complete operability

    AI and machine learning functionality for database analytics is typically isolated and separate from database analytics. Brytlyt overcomes this hurdle as BrytMind is directly integrated with both the BrytlytDB and SpotLyt products.

    BrytMind utilises PyTorch, enabling users to simultaneously run AI workloads with PostgreSQL supported database workloads – all accelerated by GPU.

  • Exploit intelligent AI insights

    AI capabilities provide the machine learning intelligence needed to turn data into effective, actionable insights. BrytMind can discover intricate data relationships, enabling both in-depth historic analysis and predictive analytics.

    As a native part of the Brytlyt platform, BrytMind makes analytics and visualisations smarter, and complex workloads simpler.

  • Create code with confidence

    BrytMind is supported by PostgreSQL and other coding languages, including Python. Within the Brytlyt platform, analysts and data scientists can open a Jupyter Notebook to create more powerful workloads with unique coding. This empowers users with more control over functionality and customisation, for new or specific analytics insights.

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