SpotLyt | Fully interactive data analytics visualisation workbench

Fully interactive data analytics visualisation workbench

SpotLyt helps you visualise complex data to discover actionable insights. The powerful, fully customisable and responsive interface can be adapted to meet all your business needs.

SpotLyt helps businesses exploit large and high-velocity datasets to aid strategic development. The intuitive dashboard converts raw data into decision-ready information. Underpinned by GPU accelerated analytics, users can discover insights previously inaccessible, empowering detailed and diverse intelligence quicker than ever before.

It combines both advanced technical capabilities with easy-to-use controls and features. Using seamless navigation and customisable chart creation, users can perform in-depth analysis of even the most intricate data problems.

The web-based tool can integrate with all established data sources, including existing databases and external coding platforms. This way, advanced users have the option to customise how SpotLyt looks and works for their exact specifications.

Whether you want to dig deep, or see how the entire puzzle fits together; SpotLyt’s flexible and robust abilities will help you achieve impactful insights.




  • Explore interactive analytics

    SpotLyt is an extremely responsive visualisation and analytics product. Not only can users seamlessly interact with all charts and maps, but they can fully interact with one another.

    The powerful platform gives users more freedom to explore their data’s possibilities. With end-to-end, easy navigation SpotLyt provides a more user-friendly experience where you are in control.



  • Customise your view

    SpotLyt includes a wide variety of different charting options. Coupled with front-end scripting, anything is possible for you to create. With the ability to seamlessly switch between views and dashboards, you can focus in on the intelligence you need.

    For more in-depth analytics, multiple maps can be overlaid, allowing the evaluation of different data views simultaneously. This helps you explore intricate or multifaceted relationships across datasets, unlocking more widespread and complex patterns than previously possible.

  • Uncover the details

    With larger datasets, important insights can often be left unnoticed. SpotLyt ensures this won’t happen. With optimised drill-down capabilities, it can reach individual data points in milliseconds.

    Even in multi-billion row databases SpotLyt enables you to zoom in on specific details or customers, helping you exploit every data point and maximise value.

  • Integrate your own code

    Both SQL editor and Jupyter Notebooks integrate with SpotLyt, allowing custom coding and interactions using common languages such as Python.

    Users can bring agility to their data; flexibly navigating, uniquely creating, and discovering new views.

  • Work more dynamically

    Complicated, diverse and custom workloads are made easy with SpotLyt. Front-end scripting with JavaScript empowers users to tailor their interface for a unique experience. Back-end scripting in the form of stored procedures and database functions provides enterprise level capabilities, no matter your size.

    Built-in intelligence, such as coding snippets, further capture user intent and behaviour to intuitively update chart displays.

  • Advanced geospatial mapping

    SpotLyt renders mapping on the database side. This gives users more control and flexibility with their charting. Geospatial mapping allows you to unlock more meaning; with the ability to aggregate data on the fly and manipulate your maps the way you want.

    With the additional capability for high levels of streaming, SpotLyt also enables you to uncover and understand the previously unknown in seconds.

SpotLyt Product Sheet

Download the free SpotLyt Product Sheet PDF for more information on product details, deployment, features and benefits.

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